Atelier - Our Exclusionary Service

The perfect artisanal experience that explores everything exclusive and visionary in party planning, a critical appliqué and couture service gained exclusively through Christopher Mills‘s personal global contacts.

Designed, made to measure and executed with creative flair, this exclusionary service is for clients who are looking for something above and beyond the realm of normality. A service that suits any discernible client.


Exclusive party planning

The Events Mill Atelier is all about bespoke, made-to-measure, exclusive party planning to the highest calibre. Luxury goes hand in hand with our brand and we appreciate quality and the desire to be the best, celebrating everything special about lifestyle experiences, parties, events and weddings. This service opens the doors to a wonderland of possibilities, brought to you with privacy and exclusivity in mind.

Our Atelier is more than a planning service. We curate a life changing experience for each client, have a dossier of unpublished locations and venues not readily available on the market, and access to the highest quality services, entertainers and craftspeople across the globe. If you are in search of a truly life-altering experience, have an appreciation for the very best things in life, then The Events Mill Atelier is for you.

Top party planners in the world

Each experience that The Events Mill produces is completely unique, tailored to each client and always produced at the very highest level of quality. Our portfolios is as diverse as our clientele, taking us all around the globe designing a myriad of events from very private celebrations to large brand experiences for some of the world’s most cherished organisations.  We are specialist event designers with an emphasis on creating exciting, immersive and authentic experiences that truly change worlds and show new ways of doing things.

The Events Mill Atelier takes the very best of what’s to offer across the world and applies this back to each event experience with spectacular flourishes. We bring quality, true luxury and inaccessible accessibility to our clients only available via The Events Mill. Whether you are considering a destination wedding, a party to celebrate a special anniversary, a once in a lifetime experience on safari or a corporate event that reaches diverse audiences, The Events Mill Atelier will plan and produce, inspire and delight.

Unique Luxury Experiences

We are born entertainers. Simply put, we love to party and to share in everything spectacular in the world of experience design. The Events Mill is an end-to-end planning, design and delivery service which means that we envelop all services under our agency and work with you to curate the ultimate experience. From dreaming up lavish concepts, bringing ideas to life through the very best production and set design, to adding layers of artistry via the world’s most exciting entertainment, we will plan each detail and execute all services on your behalf.

The Events Mill is known for producing multi-sensory, immersive and fully engaging event experiences, which means that our work is truly authentic, beautiful and intelligent. We like to pack a punch and to show people how it’s done. We are proud of our reputation for creating never-seen-before design and are committed to showcasing the very, very best of what is available to our clientele. We are masters of party planning and you are in the best possible hands.


Nowadays people are looking for experiences that allow for discovery, sensory journeys and life-changing occasions that offer so much more return on investment. Each experience that we produce seeks out the extraordinary and is delivered with the very best in mind. We believe our experience and the way that we design is original, highly polished and fiercely creative, making each investment worthwhile and really delivering above and beyond for each client. We love creating moments that evoke pure happiness and which leave you gasping for more, treating the senses and delivering hair-raising experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

We are fortunate to work with a wide-raging clientele who share in our appreciation for luxury and who trust us to use their investment in the best possible way. We are able to extend your desired spend as much or as little as your budget allows, limited only by the extent of the imagination.

The Events Mill Atelier is a dedicated planning service which extends to more than party planning – most clients’ who choose this service are looking to create a life changing experience and we appreciate how important each decision can be. It is not uncommon for our Atelier clients to spend upwards of £500,000 for their experience, however we work with a full range of desired spends and briefs. We would love to hear from you with any questions that you have or if you have a idea you’d like to discuss.

Working alongside Christopher Mills and the team at The Events Mill will feel like an extension to your family or organisation. Our Atelier planning and delivery service is established by a 20% management fee, applied to the overall cost of the event components that we manage. For smaller events we work on a minimum fee. If you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us.