Christmas is just around the corner and we cannot be more excited. To be honest our preparations for the festive season start in July so we are well equipped to share our design insights way before the sudden rush of enquiries. It is one of those joyful privileges of being an events professional!

drawing of toys on a stage

A big part of our company ethos is to always explore new ways of thinking and to pioneer originality in our work. We are committed to creating beautiful and intelligent design, unfettered by the norm and unapologetic in nature, with authenticity and believability at the very core of every. The festive part of the year enables our imaginations to run wild — we adore bringing the spirit of the holidays to life in completely unexpected ways and using original and divergent design to create cool Christmas party ideas. You might say that we are in our element.

Christmas design is all about the appreciation of colour, matched with decorative props and excessive layers of beautiful twinkling lights, which makes any designers job quite simple. You can never have too many Christmas decorations, after all. Mixing traditional decorating techniques with a contemporary twist will always make heads turn, for all the right reasons. Try mixing 2D print and 3D enhancements to introduce a dramatic, stylish and original edge to your decor, much like these beautiful flower paintings.

A painting with flowers popping out

Nostalgia at Christmas time is one of life’s greatest pleasures as we all celebrate with family, friends and remember times gone by. Storytelling has always formed a huge part in my own Christmas and I always remember my Grandfather sitting in his chair reminiscing about the past and us laughing until our bellies hurt. Remembering stories and reliving these time and time again create emotions that shape our lives. Bring a classic story to life as the theme for your Christmas party, such as The Borrower’s Christmas or The Grinch that stole Christmas, Home Alone or A Muppet’s Christmas Carol.


Whilst we mention nostalgia it is also crucial to introduce sensory elements within any Christmas party. Scent plays a huge role in developing our memory banks and when we smell certain fragrances we immediately associate these olfactory stimulations to a moment from our pasts. The buttery scent of a cooking turkey, or the regal smell of frankincense at midnight mass, through to the metallic and warm smell of tinsel and the sweet aroma of marzipan – Christmas is an overdose of joyful sensory experiences. Why not introduce a custom-made scent machine to your Christmas party and transport your guests back through their own childhood celebrations. 

Drawing of a bar and christmas tree

Celebrating Christmas is a universal holiday and many nations celebrate their decor in different ways. Some of the major elements might remain the same, perhaps when the traditions of Christ and the nativity are being celebrated, but the joyful abundance of design variation across different parts of the world is something to cherish. Traditional Christmas decor in the southern hemisphere differs from what one would normally expect in the northern hemisphere, but even within the individual countries throughout these parts of the worlds do we see unique ways of expressing traditional festive design. Scandinavian design is a good example of how natural materials can be used in a very simple way to create a unique aesthetic that can immediately be associated to that particular part of the world. Traditions are traditions for a reason and we all love to celebrate what we know and love at Christmas in our own way.

Scandinavian Dinner Table

The holidays are made up of Christmas specials. Nowadays the build up to Christmas is supported by special offers, festively inspired performances, party food and one-off episodes of favourite tv programmes and shows. There is something that everyone loves about a Christmas special, whether it is the much anticipated Christmas number 1 in the charts, or a cherished movie, or a dramatic episode of your favourite soap opera — the celebration of Christmas specials is something we have all come to anticipate and love. Why not throw a party that is themed to your favourite Christmas special, whether a traditional Downton Abbey themed formal dinner or an immersive frozen cocktail lounge hosted by The Snowman.

snowman prop

Above all Christmas celebrating should be fun and relaxing. It is the time to reward yourselves for the year’s hard work and to be amongst colleagues, friends and family and to celebrate, reminisce and give thanks. Christmas is a joy that we simply adore.

People at Christmas Dinner

To discuss your Christmas party or a design idea you’ve had then please call 0207 207 7698 or email us at – we can help you celebrate in style.

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