At The Events Mill we are always striving to come up with unique twists on tradition. Rather than the normal festive themes why not try an alternative Narnia themed Christmas party. Think Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe meets an olfactory celebration of a contemporary Christmas! This is the most well-known of all the books, where props can be made bespoke to bring the story to life, through multi-sensory design and unique, imaginative thinking.

This alternative Narnia themed mood board provides the perfect inspiration. The ideal venue would be a rambling old house just like the one in the book and to start their journey guests could walk in through a wardrobe door where a Narnia reception awaits. Forest scented log candles to bring the smells of Narnia alive could grace the tables and fur similar to that of the Ice Queen’s jacket could drape chairs.

Mood Board of Narnia

To continue with the theme snow covered lampposts could line walkways, enhanced as scent machines, adorned with glistening ice sculptures and a winter carrousel with dancing figures to tell the story. Make a visit to Mr Tumnus and enjoy festive treats in Narnia’s most glamorous cocktail bar aptly named ‘Cair Paravel’ with treats including ham hock canapés, mini hot chocolate pots and warm apple cocktails with a spritz of Aslan’s magic. A wood carving of a lion could be placed proudly among a forest style cheese station and waiting staff in ice outfits could serve Turkish delight in an array of flavours and colours. Pewter plates on wooden tables provide a wonderful aesthetic for an  alternative Narnia Theme, surrounding a woodland and fur inspired table runner and ice chairs fit for the White Queen herself.

We excel at designing fully immersive, highly creative and authentic interiors for events, cherishing any opportunity to bring a story to life in a unique way. To discuss a theme for your Christmas party or event then please call 0207 207 7698 or email us at

Written by Sarah Guthrie, for and on behalf of The Events Mill.