Christopher Mills on Creative Direction

Over the next few months we will be publishing spotlight features that focus on creative direction, a greater insight into the specifics of our work and highlighting our range of inspirations. Today our creative director, Christopher Mills, discusses the processes he relies upon to form his distinctive vision.

The Events Mill logo in flowers

Flower sign by Simon Nickell Design

Q: The Events Mill has been described as a visionary design agency that bends the rules and produces work that is unapologetic, exciting and expressive. Do you agree?

A: It is always rewarding to hear that your work is so well regarded and admired, but to become a visionary you need to be able to have a far-reaching audience that transcends personal ambition. The ethos behind our work is to always express the correct, most relevant type of design, not to settle for the status quo and to always express new ways of doing things. This makes it very exciting and helps our team deliver authentic work. I hope one day that our work will be celebrated on a global scale, reaching a variety of people in different walks of life.

Dawn French on Stage

Q: Where does the creative process start for you?

A: Not to sound clichéd, but my creative process is inspired by everything I see, hear, smell, taste, touch – sometimes I have real trouble stripping things back and reeling ideas in on a practical level – my mind tends to go to the most extreme of creativity and work backwards. Therefore there isn’t really a starting point, a middle or an end to the process, because ideas continue to evolve from one thing to the next.

Dinner styled in Shakespeare theme

Q: So how do you convey your ideas to your clients?

A: The Events Mill is regularly commissioned to lead on the creative direction of a brief, working alongside other agencies and clients who want to step-up to a new way of working. Conveying a mindful of ideas is our biggest challenge but also our biggest asset. Where possible we will use visual aids to support our visions, such as illustrations, models or CGI graphics, but it is so important that our client’s have trust in us and experience the process literally rather than trying to understand every detail without any real anchor points.

CGI of Dinner Table

Graphic by Anita Brown 3D Studio

Q: What services do you offer?

A: Our services are tailored to suit each brief, but in essence are all encompassing – which means that we offer the complete package. We are known for designing and planning highly creative events that standout for their unique capacity to change people’s perspectives of what is possible with live experiences. In reality we specialise in highly curated, detail centric work that transports an audience to a different world for a once in a lifetime experience.

Q: How does your agency work?

A: The Events Mill is a powerhouse of freelance specialists that have been hand selected for their skills, experience and shared passion for exquisite creativity. We could not do our job without these wonderful people as well as a whole roster of extraordinary partners and suppliers across the globe that assist our team to create the most beautiful parties in the world.

Drawing of two people

Sketch by Jana Doubkova

Q: What can we expect to see from The Events Mill in 2017?

A: We are currently in a position of growth, which is incredibly exciting, and that allows us more opportunity to diversify our skill set and specialise in equal measure. Two specific areas of development for 2017 and beyond will include a prop stop at The Mill and a particular interest in destination dining experiences, which will be launched in the autumn. What this space!

We would love to hear from you if you are currently planning an event, party or wedding and would like to chat through some creative ideas. Get in touch.

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