Corporate Events

Press Launches

We are storytellers and take pride in being able to stage experiences that physically bring a brand’s identity to life. Our creative process is rigorous, full of insight and detailed research, allowing us to understand each brand’s unique attributes, bringing these to life through original productions and launch initiatives. Our product launches rarely have poor attendance – we pride ourselves on our ability to make a difference.

Sensory & Immersive

Sensory and immersive experiences are our specialty. We simply love to create original, exciting and highly creative events for clients who are interested in creating physical interpretations of their brand, or for those wishing to tell a story in a unique way, and even pleasing those clients who want to incorporate varying levels of theatre into their occasion. We have the skill and experience to wow you into a world of the sublime.

"We are storytellers and take pride in being able to stage truly immersive experiences"

Dining Experiences

Here at The Events Mill we are known for executing the most interesting, unique and sensory dining experiences in the industry. We curate wonderful moments of culinary delights, at all times exploring sensory storytelling, fusing a range of design disciplines, unique props and sensational décor to create the most outstanding design.

Summer Parties

We appreciate how important summer entertaining is, whether you’re hosting a client networking event or a staff celebration. The Events Mill will consider the perfect location, design ideas, catering solution, floral, entertainment and décor for your summer party.