Portugal & Madeira

A Jewel in the Atlantic Ocean, Year-Round Sunshine and A Land of Plenty

Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe located on the Iberian Peninsula bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, also encompassing Madeira and the Azores archipelagos. The landscape of Portugal is rich and boasts natural beauty as well as rich cultural heritage that blends traditions with modernity. It is one of the most peaceful places in the world and offers its visitors so much in terms of activities, food, drink and hospitality.

This country benefits from beautiful weather throughout the year, mostly controlled by the proximity to the coast, with summer’s being dry and hot, and winter months feeling warm in comparison to the rest of Europe. Thanks to the Gulf Stream water activities are particularly popular in Portugal offering temperate conditions throughout the year. Lots of adventure can be found in Portugal from roaming the varied terrain, sailing on the Atlantic and discovering history through the many beautiful destinations across the country.

Most activity can be found in the country’s coastal regions than inland areas, with the biggest tourism being found in Lisbon and on the island of Madeira. The region of Europe is known for its access to quality produce which means food and fine wines are always going to be spectacular. Portugal offers so much in regards to visual beauty both in terms of its geography and architecture and with local persons being amongst the friendliest in Europe.

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive on the island of Madeira is the breathtaking views across the Atlantic Ocean. All at once you are transported to a paradise world where old-world charm meets cosmopolitan living. There is a true sense of occasion here of a time gone-by and a longing to discover as you ascend into the main time via rolling hills and settlements reaped in history.

Every type of geography can be explored in Madeira. From the warm breeze of the ocean that feed the natural hot springs to cooler climates found in the mountain ranges where trekking is the popular sport. Madeira is almost set on the side of a cliff that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, where the hills of the towns are as popular as the markets and natural splendour of the lush gardens growing local produce. Tourism extends to road tobogganing, sky rides across Funchal, trips to sea ports where local fishermen produce the catch of the day and sip poncha (the local alcoholic delicacy), to vibrant nights in the city centre overlooking the harbours.

Madeira is a calming place and the ideal destination to relax and escape. Properties in the area have a sophisticated charm and take pride in being places where generations have frequented throughout history. Hosting a celebration on the island of Madeira is a sophisticated affair, made more spectacular by the abundance of locally sourced food and wine and charming people who really understand the art of true hospitality.

‘Watching Christopher work is such a delight. His true creativity never ceases to amaze me. There is truly no-one in Europe who can do what he does when it comes to experiential event design. More than that though is his attention to detail when it comes to logistical planning. It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding or any other type of event, his clients know everything will run smoothly’

Isabel Smith, Isabel Smith Wedding Design

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