Creative Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

Oscar Wilde

The thing I love about art is that it knows no boundaries and is nonjudgmental. It exists to enrich our knowledge and understanding of perception, giving way to individual appreciation and taste. After all what may be beautiful to me may be ugly to another – it is an exciting concept. One thing I hope we all share is the appreciation of art and its creation of origin.

Some art is permanent and other types are more temporary in nature. As event professionals we are experienced in creating one-off experiences that may last a day or more, but ultimately we know that our guests have to go home at some point. We rely on photography and video to savour those moments for our artistic achieves.

One canvas that is even more temporary is the body itself, which is continuously changing from one moment to the next. We are all living examples of art that contribute to a greater population of diversity, with the added benefit of our own angels of beauty that exist to pamper, protect and care for our physical wellbeing. Hairdressers, makeup artists and fashion designers are life’s creature comforts that help improve our lives through the application of their own artistic talents. Today we celebrate these wonderfully creative geniuses by displaying some truly original and fiercely creative creations.

Creative Hair:

Creatie Makeup:

Creative Wardrobe:

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Balmain – Riders on the Storm | Creative Hair for New Look | Dade Freeman | Avant Garde Hair | Hair with Print | Hair with Oranges | Makeup by Sona | Army Man with Makeup | Green Turban | High Fashion Makeup | Boy George | Makeup By Alex Box | Rami Kadi Dress | Christophe Josse Dress | Paper Dress | Beth Ditto Clothing | Grace Jones | David Bowie

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