Consider the chameleon. An old world lizard with the distinct ability to camouflage itself to suit its surroundings, thus adopting a new visual identity that is inspired by what it touches and sees. Perhaps this is one of Mother Nature’s gifts – the original innovator and supreme creative force. The chameleon assumes the role of the consumer, interacting with a specific design and claiming this for itself in order to survive in an overcrowded market.

What is he talking about, I hear you say?

Human beings are not too different from chameleons. In fact, many visual environments influence our own identities, which filter their way down and evolve to become trends or camouflages, exist to enhance our personalities and thus shape our lives. The idea of design diffusion can be seen in every manmade thing in the world, transcending time and human comprehension. Design inspires design, whether it be conscious or not, and every visual application of design has been or will be shaped from some known or unknown window in the back of the mind.

So many things inspire our work – from fairy tales to product design – and although we try to be original with our application of design the many visionaries whose work has shaped our own abilities also humble us. You only need to look around to appreciate how much design diffusion plays its part in your own world.

Here are some examples of these influences that have benefited from design diffusion:

Image of a green wall and alphabet

Stained glass windows and flowers

Flowers by Nikki Tibbles, Wild At Heart

A multi coloured screen and a plate of food

Food image by Alison Price & Co.

An acrylic mobile and a Picasso painting

An origami installation and a table with glass river effect

an orange dessert, a vase of flowers and a plinth with wooden designs

Orange by Bubble Food

Mondrian dress

Spring food and table design

By Alison Price & Co.

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