Soft furnishings are a wonderful way to create a relaxing and inviting space and to enhance an overall look and ambience. Appropriate colours, textures and patterns can be sourced that complement a theme and add the perfect finishing touch. Event soft furnishings are usually items made of fabric and can include chair covers, drapes, cushions, poufs and table runners and can be individually sourced to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Over the last few years event design has become more and more ambitious with clients seeking unique never seen before ideas.


Drapes are a great way to decorate empty spaces and bring colour to a blank canvas. They are also perfect for dressing temporary structures, creating walkways or as main feature pieces for back drops and theatrical extravaganzas.

Three ballet dancers on stage

Soft Furnishings For The Table

Table runners are an excellent way to add a layer of colour to a potentially plain linen table cloth. Using soft materials can enhance the intimacy and occasion of the dining experience, but also add interesting texture for guests to explore. Depending on the look you are going for, choose a table runner that adds a pop of colour or a base that sparkles. This gold table runner is a stylish way to dress a table, to add a touch of glitz and glamour to any party.

A gold table runner and black plate


Chairs fabricated and enhanced with fabrics such as satin or velvet are the ultimate in comfort and elegance. Velvet is very en vogue and can appear very chic against contemporary style frames and furniture.  Furthermore, fabric coated chairs can really enhance a theme, for example this silver fabric coating is particularly festive and the chrome chair legs are decidedly modern, making this chair an ideal addition to any winter wonderland themed party.

A silver chair

For an Elizabethan themed event chairs could be sourced that depict the era to take us back in time. These wooden chairs, with rich red and gold fabric, also have a festive vibe perfect for Christmas events that ooze tradition.

A red chair in tudor style

Stool Seating

Stools are often the ideal seating choice for cocktail receptions – there is something rather wonderful when you are able to sit up high by a bar sipping a martini. These pom-pom style stools provide a striking splash of colour with a mix of cotton and wool fabrics, creating variety and a unique edge.

A chair made of pom pom

Cushions and Poufs

Cushions and poufs arranged together provide a wonderful calming atmosphere. These colourful bespoke Moroccan poufs are perfect for an Arabian Nights theme or the perfect enhancement for a chilled out lounge or intimate networking event.

Two Moroccan Poufs

When sourcing bespoke and unique soft furnishings the theme needs to be taken into account, for authenticity. The size and budget of an event, will also determine the quantity of accessories needed to achieve the desired effect. This Moroccan marque is packed with wonderful shapes, patterns and textures in jewel-like colours– the only thing missing is the Genie in the Bottle!

A Moroccan Marquee

Sofa Seating

When creating a contemporary event, simple lines and a minimalist colour scheme are essential. White adds a touch of glamour and sophistication suitable for a range of different events. These white sofas are particularly stylish and would look spectacular at any social gathering for cool kids and adults alike.

White Furniture under marquee

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Written by Sarah Guthrie for an on behalf of The Events Mill

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