The first thing to think about when planning an event is the style you desire. More specifically whether you also want it based around a particular country, colour scheme or time of year, such as Halloween. In order to enhance the theme, bespoke and eye catching 3D props can be found that complement the chosen style – gone are the days of the cardboard cut-out props! The Events Mill is known for being unique when it comes to event design and there are many innovative ways to source props that showcase this.

fabrics in a shop

Markets are perfect for picking up quirky items that could be used as props. Columbia Road Flower Market is an experience for the senses with the colours providing the perfect event or wedding inspiration, all within an unpressurised shopping experience. In contrast, Brick Lane is full of gritty striking street art that could grace any event for the ultimate Shoreditch vibe.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Inspiration can literally be found anywhere. Car boot sales and antique shops are excellent for sourcing mismatched glassware for a very ‘on trend’ event or old books used as table centrepieces. A prime example that anything can be made into unconventional props can be seen at the musical ‘Stomp’ where everyday objects are used for multi-functional purposes and dramatic effect. The unusual concoction of items from brooms to buckets and kitchen sinks demonstrates that anything is possible with a little creative thinking.


In the last few years there has been a growing number of people up-cycling. Junk yards are great for finding old furniture that could be restored for an event or materials that could be made into bespoke props. By liaising with specialist traders such as metal workers or tree and wood carvers, metal could be welded into canapé trays or wood used to create sculptures for an autumn themed party. By working with artists and craftsman the weird and wonderful can be brought alive in a way that is not just seen in theatre, for example sourcing a landscape gardener to create a mini garden scene that brings the outdoors indoors.

An up cycled chair

The Events Mill is always prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to prop sourcing and continues to think outside the box to create a spectacularly impressive event that is truly unique to the eye.

Written by Sarah Guthrie, for an on behalf of The Events Mill

Image credits: Sarah Guthrie, Lucy from Closet, Stomp Musical, Viral