It’s 2018! Wow. How did that happen? The last twelve months at The Events Mill have been a whirlwind of creative highlights and 2018 is shaping up to be just as exciting. Be sure to keep up to date with our news by signing up to our mail out – you can find the details on our homepage.

From an event design perspective we loved the trends that were celebrated throughout 2017 and we are confident that the more popular options will extend throughout this year and beyond. The Events Mill is a curatorial think tank of creative ideas and we like to pioneer new ways of doing things, developing twists on traditions and showcasing new, undiscovered talent in the event industry. We will innovate as much as we can and encourage our client’s to adopt a creative mindset, sparking a wonderful balance of originality with beautiful finishes. As much as we love event industry trends we are never controlled by them and enjoy putting our own spectacular flair to our event design, working to incorporate ideas and to always be at the forefront of newsworthy stories. With this in mind here are just some of the ideas that we feel are worth mentioning as trends in the event industry for 2018.

Dark denim

Already making a splash in the fashion circuits, dark denim is making a big come back in 2018, and not just in clothing. This multi-purpose fabric is a designer’s dream as it is versatile, elegant and bold and can be applied to a variety of surfaces to up-cycle and upholster vintage furniture and even canapé decking. Dark denim will be heavily featured within michelin starred restaurants and in accessories across retail.


Many luxury brands are tapping into younger customer bases by showcasing an alternative, more accessible product. Rolls-Royce, for example, have released a new generation of cards called Black Badge for younger customers who appreciate the heritage and luxury of a Rolls-Royce motorcar, but who want a cool car to drive.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge - Immersive Events - Corporate Events - The Events Mill
Rolls-Royce Black Badge Car Event – Corporate Events – The Events Mill

We are seeing this trend take hold in the party planning scene too, for example with the trend of “pimp your own cocktail” or twists on classics – instead of a gin based martini Sake has become the alter-ego option.

Bespoke Cocktail Wall - Luxury Party Planning - The Events Mill
Bespoke Cocktail wall – Luxury Party Planning – The Events Mill

Colour clashing

2018 will be the year of colour and what better way to celebrate this than throwing in many different colours that purposely clash. There is something very charming when a combination comes together that shouldn’t work but actually creates a harmonious alternative to ombre or classic themes of monochrome, rose gold or ‘bringing the outside in’. Think tie dye meets Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dream coat.

Unique Colourful Event Design - Charity Gala Dinner - The Events Mill
Colourful Event Design – Charity and Fundraising Event – The Events Mill

Bring your own pet

Yes, you heard us right. Animals at events has become a thing and it is set to become an even bigger thing in 2018. People are encouraged to bring their own pet to the party and to even pet-share throughout the festivities. Don’t expect to just see cats and dogs as the odd reptile and even aquatic alternatives have been spotted.

Bob the Street Cat High Five with James Bowden - Wiki Media Commons
A Street Cat Named Bob High Fiving James Bowden – Wiki Media Commons

Shimmer and Shine

Iridescence eats your heart out. Everything shimmery and shiny will be cool in 2018 and don’t be afraid to even through in the odd kaleidoscope as a fun prop. With the increase of extremely beautiful service ware, decor and statement pieces available it is possible to create a very contemporary design in an easy way. Even mother of pearl, the most traditional of traditions, will make a well-deserved return to the forefront of event design and we couldn’t be happier!

Be gone eras

It’s always a great joy to produce an experience themed on the roaring 1920s or even to bring a little Motown to proceedings, after all who doesn’t love a theme? 2018 will be a celebration of eras gone by, but not forgotten, with the trend of the old with the new. Contemporary flourishes will compliment the classics as 2018 becomes the year to go heavy on old themes.

Art Deco Wall Vinyls - Event Design Services - The Events Mill
Great Gatsby Themed Party – Event Design Services – The Events Mill


Angles, straight lines and corners will be featured heavily throughout 2018, juxtaposed against natural materials and hammered metals. Abstract design will replace symmetry and a sudden surge of sharpened, streamlined shapes will adorn raw and rustic materials throughout furniture and floral design.

Geometric Bespoke Set Design - Corporate Event Planners - The Events Mill
Geometric Event Design – Corporate Events – The Events Mill


Luxury wedding planning is a huge part of what we do and we continuously look for new ways of entertaining wedding guests and elevating the experience for our couples to look back on. Whilst drones are not new there presence at luxury weddings has become very popular with new technologies, advanced controls and better quality capture services making the trend a very popular highlight for many years to come.

More than stationery 

If you haven’t heard already you might like to know that we have a service that trumps any other type of party stationery. Our ‘Hermes by The Events Mill‘ service encapsulates everything extraordinary with a physical invitation. Inspired by the Greek God of messages, ‘Hermes by The Events Mill’ uses props, bespoke crafts and luxury object d’art to create unique invitations imaginable. We are getting more and more requests for this type of event design and the trend of sending more than paper stationery is really catching up with the event industry.

Water jet cutting

Like laser cutting but not widely available, until now! We have insider knowledge that there is now a studio in London who has purchased a water jet cutter, which means that more materials can be cut including concrete, marble and metals, with superior detail and clarity that is difficult to attain on harder materials. Water jet cutting is going to revolutionise and invigorate the possibilities of intricate, highly detailed and stylish design across the events industry. This is an event industry trend that will spiral throughout 2018 and beyond serving both corporate events and luxury party planning clients alike.

Detailed Water Jet Cutting - Event Design Service -
Event Design Service Water Jet Cutter –

We love to hear from other creative people and encourage your comments on the trends above. We will certainly be showcasing how we weave these ideas into our own design and can’t wait to see how the design world develops throughout 2018.

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