My journey into the fascinating world of 3D Visualisation started when I studied interior design a few years ago. I became so immersed in, and impressed with, the transparent benefits of 3D visualisation, that I eventually left my full-time Civil Service managerial role, to start my own business at the end of 2015.

So what is my business?!   I provide a 3D visualisation service to designers, primarily interior designers, wedding planners and event designers. My role is to create visually captivating photo-real, (or illustrative) images, using cutting edge 3D software, to help creative professionals secure commissions, accurately communicate their design concepts and fully engage with their clients.


3D visualisation allows wedding planners, or event designers to provide a high level of reassurance to their clients, by eliminating miscommunication, as the client is able to view the designs exactly as intended. One of the biggest benefits of 3D visualisation, which sets it apart from any other communication method (mood boards etc.), is that I’m able to present design proposals within the context of the venue. This is particularly useful for marquee events, or destination weddings, where it’s impossible, due to logistics or geographical considerations, for a client to truly understand the details of an event being proposed.


However, due to its versatility, there are many more benefits of using 3D visualisation for both the weddings and events industry. It provides the opportunity for professionals new to the industry, to enhance their portfolio, by illustrating the full range of their creative ability and for seasoned designers, to simply refresh their portfolio and online presence. No more styled shoots!


Other benefits include reducing the margin of error (especially new designers) and more importantly minimising costly mistakes, as revisions to the design scheme, if necessary, can be made before it has been implemented.

It’s interesting to note that 82% of UK designers I surveyed confirmed that their biggest challenge was accurate depiction of their design concepts and within the context of the space, while 100% of my clients have confirmed through customer feedback, that the biggest benefit of 3D visualisation was the accurate communication of their designs to clients!

I have worked with events consultancies, (including the very talented Christopher from The Events Mill!), on a wide range of experiences, from corporate and retail, to private parties.


From my experience, when working with highly creative events designers, 3D visualisation excels at communicating the more multi-layered, experiential event. I have been approached by many professionals from the events industry whose clients have struggled to fully grasp all of the creative details of an event. Upon using my services, the end consumer (my client’s client), was left in no doubt of the final design being envisioned by the event designer and was happy to proceed with the proposal (and in some instances request a number of revisions).


I can create photo-real images, where I use cutting edge 3D software to construct a bespoke 3D model of the designer’s exact requirements (including the interior of the venue) and transform it into an image that resembles a photograph – it is so realistic that your client can imagine standing in the space. Or I can create a more whimsical, watercolour illustration, which is just as effective. Actually, these illustrations are quite popular with my wedding planning and event design clients.


My mission is to make 3D Visualisation accessible and affordable to a wide range of creative disciplines, including the wedding planning and events industries, especially as 3D visualisation has so many tangible benefits for both.

A huge thank you to The Events Mill, for giving me the opportunity to write this article. It’s been an absolute pleasure!

You can find out more about me and my service by visiting my website at or drop me a line at, where you can also request a free estimate.

Written by Anita Brown, for an on behalf of The Events Mill

Image credits: Anita Brown 3D Design | The Events Mill