Destination Events

The Events Mill produces events in some of the world’s most beautiful, unique and cherished destinations. Our destination events service is an end-to-end planning process which works for clients based both in the UK and abroad. If you are considering hosting a special occasion and would like to consider an alternative destination then we can assist with sourcing the perfect venue to developing a bespoke menu and suggesting a range of activities that will entertain your guests.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have developed across the globe and have access to fixers, local crew and services that help with the destination events planning process. This insider knowledge enables us to achieve exceptional results and higher levels of engagement for our clients, as well as assisting with budgeting and logistics.

Our portfolio of venues is vast but always tailored to suit the individual requirements of our clients and their party brief. We work in churches to casinos, on private yachts and in the world’s most beautiful gardens. We continuously improve our knowledge of new venues but also have access to private locations and hidden gems that we have found on our travels.

We’d love to hear from you if you are considering a destination event or a destination wedding and to show you how we can help.

We produce events in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.
From Venice to Vietnam, our destination event planners source the most awe inspiring venues.
From churches to cocktail bars, castles to concert halls, we work in every type of venue imaginable.
Blatant displays of natural beauty to hidden, beautiful interiors off the beaten track - our insight is unrivalled.
Our insider knowledge and influence goes a long way and our local relationships ensure you are always in the best hands.
Our team are inspired by different cultures, cuisines and crafts.
We pride ourselves on our local destination knowledge and access to the most relevant suppliers who help us create extraordinary events.
We work in monasteries to museums, old and new,
In some of the world's most cherished, holy and religious settings -
And picturesque destinations that are often found in the most remote places.
Our portfolio has included beautiful parties in popular cities to intimate dining experiences hosted by some of the wonders of the world.
Throughout the seasons in all weather, in the north and in the south
On the water, in the mountains, and on many sandy beaches.
We create interesting experiences in a variety of unique destinations
And give you everything you need to ensure you have the most incredible time.