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Europe is known for its culture and amazing rich history, its diversity and freedom of expression. It truly is a continent that appeals to every type of person, adventurer and culture vulture alike. Aside from the heavenly range of food and wine available, the variety of locations, landscapes and cities available in Europe is truly astonishing. Perhaps that is why so many people are considering getting married here – destination weddings Europe is the popular choice.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy, to the Northern Lights in Norway, the amount of options for destination wedding celebrations in Europe is vast. We are only touching the surface and are continuously impressed with the variety of hotels, unique settings and natural heritage sites that can play a part for different types of weddings. Here is a list of some of those places that we feel would add something a little extra to your big day.

Verdon Gorge: Alpes-De-Haute-Provence, France


Verdon Gorge, known as The Grand Canyon of Europe, is one of those sites that will make you gasp. The shimmering turquoise-green water is so unique in character that it is hard not to be impressed with this picturesque location in South France. This destination would be a wonderful addition to any celebration being hosted in the nearby French Rivera, with the most sensational and impressive parts of the Gorge being found between Castellane and Moustiers-Saint-Marie.

The Rolling Hills of the Czech Republic

The Rolling Hills

The Rolling Hills of the Czech Republic look almost manmade. Many people describe the hills are appearing textured and as soft as velvet in appearance. We have chosen this destination as a unique setting for a celebration in a location that may not be on the radar for weddings. The hills would be a wonderful landscape to celebrate your special day, with idyllic views in breathtaking natural beauty.

Lava Pool, Madeira


Madeira is at the very top of our most cherished destinations in Europe, especially knowing that our friends at Belmond Reid’s Palace are based there. Honestly, this hotel has so much charm and wonderful history that it is hard not to return time and time again. Madeira as a destination is culturally interesting, has warm weather all year round and is just utterly stunning. Incorporating something like the Lava Pool into your destination wedding would add a truly original angle.

Glacier Ice Caves in Iceland

Glacier Ice Cave

From the warmth of Madeira to the Glacier Ice Caves in Iceland – a true representation of the diversity of locations available in Europe. These sparkly winter wonderlands offer exclusive access into the natural beauties of earth where you can see ice so blue that the atmosphere feels surreal, to crystal ice caves that are engulfed in shimmering light. Iceland is known for its selection of high quality hotels perfect for wedding celebrations.

Äscher Cliff, in Switzerland

Ascher Cliff Switzerland

If views and perspective are of importance if your destination weddings Europe selection then you might want to consider Äscher Cliff, in Switzerland. This inn-type accommodation has Swiss charm and plays its part in offering guests the opportunity to be fully immersed in the surroundings of the northern Alps.

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Whilst we explore more wintery venues, the Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway is an ideal retreat for those searching out a tranquil environment for their destination wedding. The exceptional facilities are made even more impressive as you glance out at the spectacular views of Norway’s Burtigarden Farm at Alstad in Valldal. This is the very first landscape hotel ever built in Europe.

Il Borro, Italy

Il Borro at Sunset

Heading back south, Il Borro is a medieval village and hidden gem that overlooks the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. Known as a destination for fine food and wine, this relaxing location is utterly sublime for its history and luxury facilities. This a true destination experience that is complemented with a range of activities, including an award winning spa and restaurant.

Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Hotel Grotta Palazzese at Night


Another breathtakingly stunning property in Italy is the Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, situated in Poligano a Mare, Puglia. Known for its wonderful and unique restaurant setting within a cave, this hotel is a popular choice for tourist and wedding parties alike. Be entertained by the waves crashing against the rocks below, whilst being treated to exceptional dining experiences and effortless architectural beauty.

Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain

Hotel Marques De Riscal

From the traditional to the contemporary, Hotel Marques de Riscal in Spain is a visual spectacular. This luxury destination weddings Europe option will appeal to those who love modern design, combined with luxury facilities to create a unique venue and a piece of art. It is a destination known for its gastronomy in The City of Wine.

Hotel Au Vieux Panier, France

Hotel Au Vieux Panier Bedroom

We finish where we started, in France and at a wonderful venue called Hotel Au Vieux Panier. Whilst this hotel doesn’t offer facilities for large wedding experiences, it is the ideal destination for a retreat and for small, intimate sojourns in Marseille. Don’t miss the famous rooms covered in graffiti and other designs.

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