Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe located on the Iberian Peninsula bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, also encompassing Madeira and the Azores archipelagos. The landscape of Portugal is rich and boasts natural beauty as well as rich cultural heritage that blends traditions with modernity. It is one of the most peaceful places in the world and offers its visitors so much in terms of activities, food, drink and hospitality.

This country benefits from beautiful weather throughout the year, mostly controlled by the proximity to the coast, with summer’s being dry and hot, and winter months feeling warm in comparison to the rest of Europe. Thanks to the Gulf Stream water activities are particularly popular in Portugal offering temperate conditions throughout the year. Lots of adventure can be found in Portugal from roaming the varied terrain, sailing on the Atlantic and discovering history through the many beautiful destinations across the country.

Most activity can be found in the country’s coastal regions than inland areas, with the biggest tourism being found in Lisbon and on the island of Madeira. The region of Europe is known for its access to quality produce which means food and fine wines are always going to be spectacular. Portugal offers so much in regards to visual beauty both in terms of its geography and architecture and with local persons being amongst the friendliest in Europe.

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