East Meets West – A Fusion of Design

There is something so romantic about the mixture of cultures, traditions, styles and customs that make wonderful opportunities for design. One popular ‘theme’ we’ve been asked to produce many times (in many different ways) is the idea of bringing together eastern and western design, marking the moment two cultures come together in harmony and matrimony.


Today we are going to focus on a design style which champions the idea of eastern culture meeting west – chinoiserie.

Chinoisierie – a decorative style in Western art, furniture, and architecture, characterised by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques.

First appearing in the 17th century, chinoserie is a European interpretation or imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions that is especially associated with decorative arts, theatre and performance. This period of design history is famous for its rebellion against Renaissance illusionism, moving towards more asymmetric decoration. Here was an opportunity for a new trend towards freedom in expression, both whimsical and hedonistic, sparking much debate and divided opinion between those who craved something new and the more traditional.

Fortunately this period has sustained popularity ensuring that there is a wide range of wonderful items available giving us plenty of opportunities to choose the perfect pieces to complement a wedding with this theme. Indeed, chinoiserie can be seen as in influence in many housewares throughout Europe and North America – it is still as popular in modern day interior design. With an abundance of colourful decorative pieces, scenes depicting Chinese landscapes and ornate gold finishes, these designs ooze simple elegance. If you still wish to keep a fresh appearance to your weddings then adding small amounts of French Porcelain, such as the famous Medici Porcelain, can really enhance the overall feel of the room, whilst not overwhelming the design.

Chinese landscape

Incorporate a chinoiserie aesthetic into your room by:

Introducing a screen printed drape system

Chinoiserie_Image 6

Add subtle French porcelain to your dining tables

French Pottery

Host a tea ceremony, served in chinoiserie traditional porcelain 

Pottery_Image 5

Have a custom made design motif created, in the style of chinoiserie, which could be applied to wallpaper, vinyl and soft furnishings

Cabriole_Image 2

Introduce exotic imaginary scenes onto screens and across furniture

If you are hosting a drinks reception out on the lawn, create decorative pagodas that can be used as bars or food service areas

Take all of these elements, place them perfectly together and this is what could be created.


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