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Christmas at The Events Mill is anything but traditional – we love to party after all! We are not ashamed to admit that we love Christmas and the magic which goes along with the festivities. Our Christmas party planners never need an excuse to get those decorations out and to dress interiors in magical colours.

We like to think of ourselves as an events team of elf-like designers who continuously find new ways of entertaining, supported by years of experience at the very core. We adore creating themes for parties and using our skills as immersive designers to literally transport people into dreamworlds. In the past we have produced a multi-sensory Narnia inspired Christmas showcase; a magical toyshop full of living toys called ‘The Little Treasured Toyshop’; Winter Wassails; and naughty alternatives for those looking for something a little cheekier.

Our design studio is there to create beautiful set design, to dream up and make unique props and to style each party in a unique way. The Events Mill is known as an immersive events agency and we love to explore layers of detail to create authentic design and to really impress our audiences by showcasing things they’ve never seen before.

Our company Christmas parties are colourful, jubilant and only limited by the extent of the imagination. We create dream worlds that look, smell, feel authentic and add sensory design to evoke nostalgia and to bring the magic of the festive season to life. If you are looking for something different then we are the luxury event agency that can help you.

“Working with Christopher is nothing short of a pleasure every time. He is an extraordinary creative, with a formidable vision. Being a part of his team, brings esteemed pride and joy, as he understands individuals’ attributes, and has them own their tasks and fortes uniquely. This enhances the power of the team, and it is great to be a part of. I will continue to look forward to work with him in the future and can highly recommend working with and for him.”

Shilpa Bilimoria, Director CEO House of Bilimoria

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