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We create strategic integrated experiences and experiential work that form a real connection between brands and audiences. We do this by exploring the new, the relevant and the extraordinary.

The Events Mill is a world-class creative force that specialises in innovative solutions which show how to do things differently. We are all about originality and brilliance. Our team of creative experience producers are specialist storytellers, trend strategists and people who seek out the nugget of ingenuity. We apply our findings into our work and produce exceptional design which is relevant and exciting.

We feel it is important for our clients to standout and we work very hard to ensure this happens. Our team look at things differently and establish best in class solutions which create organic and impactful interactions; we aren’t afraid to do things different and enjoy being mavericks. Experiential design should be experience-based, and we specialise in creating unique experiences that create lasting impressions and awe-struck reactions. And we do all of this simply by telling stories in an authentic way and never compromising on quality, believability and detail.

We are the agency you come to if you want to smash the box up and head to other realms of creative possibility. We are fresh, new and exciting and truly believe in the power of ideas. Every other consideration in between is a prerequisite.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Christopher and his team, a supremely creative individual who also works extremely hard to deliver his wondrous visions, no impulse is left uncovered, no corner is left unloved, he has a unique ability to design such a vast range of things, from tiny points of detail to sweeping grand gestures, and all with such delight of sense and colour. What a joyful journey to go on!”

Anabel Fielding, CEO at Alite Global

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