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F1 Themed Event in Monaco

F1 Themed Event Monaco? When those words appear in your inbox you know something exciting's about to happen.

When a client asks you to turn their apartment into a fully entertaining immersive Formula 1 inspired party space you know you have a challenge on your hands. But a challenge we love! As a luxury events agency that specialises in immersive experiences this sort of brief was perfect for us for the following reasons:

  • The brief was super creative, unique and original
  • It gave us the opportunity to incorporate the history of Formula 1 as a sport throughout our design
  • We were able to create a fully multi-sensory experience
  • We launched the event during the F1 Monaco Grand-Prix
  • The event was highly entertaining, engaging and exhilarating
F1 racing cars
Photography: ©TheEventsMill
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We love jet-setting across Europe for lots of different styles of events, in the most beautiful of locations. One particular highlight was an opportunity to produce an unusual and highly creative event in Monaco. The F1 Grand Prix in Monaco is a cherished event and a prolific race in the circuit of formula one across the world. So we had to create a F1 themed event in Monaco - it just had to be done.

Photography: ©TheEventsMill

This sport is one of great interest to us, not only for its prestige but also for the array of senses it touches when you witness the sheer force of the race itself. Naturally, we were going to jump at the opportunity to work here and it was such a pleasure to create a concept for a private client that really enhanced their own experience.

Immersive F1 Props
Photography: ©TheEventsMill

F1 Themed Event Monaco Props

The Events Mill developed a party that spanned two days whilst guests watched the races from private balconies. Throughout the daytime this high-rise, luxury apartment was turned into a F1 pit stop garage, equipped with bespoke props to give a truly authentic edge. This was going to be the ultimate F1 themed event in Monaco never been seen before.

From petrol pumps to power boxes, tire walls to Castrol oil drums, we wanted to include elements that would genuinely be found in any professional Formula 1 garage. We used a mixture of props, bespoke fabrication, graphic design, furniture design, foliage, vinyl, carpet and food design to create the effect. It was like the guests literally stepped into a working garage with the scents, sounds, visuals, textures and tastes of F1.

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F1 Themed Event Monaco Sensory Experiences

The senses were evoked through a range of stimulating experiences, including textures and bespoke scents which we had created including petrol, burnt tires, valet cleaning, new car and oil. Guests could interacte with the set design and props to discover tools made from chocolate, or simply sit back and relax in front of custom made commentators booths that showed the races live on tv.

Photography: ©TheEventsMill

A separate space was installed with a multi-purposes drinks bar, with a bespoke, changeable front and a mini-exhibition of racing helmets covered in vinyl graphic showcasing our client's most cherished memories of his favourite F1 moments.

Drink bar and racing helmets
Photography: ©TheEventsMill
Three racing helmets on plinths
Photography: ©TheEventsMill
Drinks bottle on ice
Photography: ©TheEventsMill

For the evening, the event space was turned into 'Parc Ferme' with miniature modelled F1 cars atop two bespoke made dining tables. The guests were in for a treat as they were welcomed back for a multi-senses immersive dining experience all themed around racing. The Events Mill was responsible for all design, styling and on-site production of the event. A full 360-degree experience like no other!

Model F1 car
Photography: ©TheEventsMill
Photography: ©TheEventsMill
Yellow Model F1 car
Photography: ©TheEventsMill

As our experience proves, we can tackle any event theme and turn it into a fully immersive experience, anywhere in the world. If you have an idea and want to turn this into reality then we would love to hear from you! Give us a call on 0203 723 0195 or email us at to discuss your brief right now.

“Just out of this world AMAZING. Thank you SO much for producing a party that will go down in history as one of the most memorable in the Beckham’s family history”

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