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There is no set way of planning an event as each experience is completely unique with its own set of deliverables that can be worked through in the planning process. Our services are robust enough to accommodate every type of request and flexible enough to adapt to each situation at the drop of a hat. Any event professional will tell you that the swan effect is an expected manoeuvre that needs to be perfected, delivered en pointe and without any feather ruffling at all. “Yeah right!”, I hear you say. The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect event and it is the unexpected twists, turns and challenges that makes events so exciting to be a part of.

The Events Mill - Luxury Event Agency in London
The Events Mill – Luxury Event Agency in London

There are of course methods that can be deployed across the board that aid the transition process from the initial idea, throughout the planning and into the delivery stages of a project. Always embrace and encourage your host or client to ask questions which will relieve certain pressures and foster an environment of trust, regardless of the outcome. Transparency is crucial to ensure consistency across the visual identity of the event and for all partners involved in providing services that form part of the wider planning and delivery. We are regularly asked questions and enjoy learning from these queries which ultimately enable us to aim bigger and to deliver great things time and time again.

Here are some frequently asked questions to give you some more insight into The Events Mill, our services and the way we approach private party, corporate event planning and weddings

Q) What does The Events Mill do?

A) In a nutshell, we specialise in designing beautiful, intelligent experiences at any time, in London or in any other destination in the world.

Q) Do you have a specialism?

A) Yes, we fit into the niche of immersive and multi-sensory events.

Q) Like Heston?

A) We massively admire Heston Blumenthal and his pioneering work in food experiences, but no, we aren’t like Heston. We work in the wider scope of design and bring together various services and apply these to the party scene, bringing narratives to life and creating visual statements that impact all of the sensory touch points.

The Events Mill - Multi-Sensory Events
The Events Mill – Multi-Sensory Events

Q) What does multi-sensory actually mean, though?

A) If we are doing our job right then you will leave the experience with goosebumps. We seek the extraordinary and add layers of experiences that change perceptions of what’s possible. Our experiences celebrate the senses.

Q) You say anything is possible?

A) Absolutely, although we aren’t magicians and can only perform within the realms of human endeavour. If you are asking that question then it is crucial to have the resources to accommodate the most unique requests.

The Events Mill - We work with the best in the industry
The Events Mill – We work with the best in the industry

Q) Is there a set planning method that your clients can expect?

A) No, although we work from the basics upwards. Laying the foundations will ensure success and every other creative detail is dealt with organically, but with guidance and care. 

Q) How expensive are you?

A) Our product is value for money but delivered at the very highest quality imaginable. We never cut corners and will always present the most engaging solutions for our clients. We are realistic and transparent and will always extend the conversation to guide our clients on the best use of their budget.

The Events Mill - Frequently Asked Questions
The Events Mill – Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How big is your team?

A) We are boutique event agency but have global resource to ensure we can deliver the most highly sort after creative anywhere in the world, from London to Monaco. One of the core services at The Events Mill is our Absolute team made up of professionals across all design disciplines, entertainment, food development and logistics.

Q) What services do you offer as a company?

A) We have four core service offerings for our clients.

Atelier – a bespoke, curated service designed exclusively to bring the very best to your experience, delivered by Christopher Mills, creative director of The Events Mill.

Boutique – our design and delivery service for all of our live experiences, parties and weddings, designed and delivered by Christopher Mills and his team of creative talent.

Absolute – the wider services that The Events Mill is built from, covering a whole range of services from the most exciting entertainment, to costume design and technical direction.

Bureau – access to our little black book of recommended suppliers where the delivery of the event is left in your capable hands.

The Events Mill - London Based Party and Event Agency
The Events Mill – London Based Party and Event Agency

Q) How do we get in touch to discuss a new brief?

A) You can email us at info@ We also love hearing from our clients on social media and have accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t be shy!


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