What does The Events Mill do?

In a nutshell, we specialise in designing beautiful, intelligent experiences at any time, in London or in any other destination in the world, often in the highest profile and unusual venues imaginable.

Do you have a specialism?

Yes, we fit into the niche of immersive and multi-sensory design. We are known for highly creative, luxurious and detail-orientated work. We work in the wider scope of design and bring together various services and apply these to the party scene, bringing narratives to life and creating visual statements that impact all of the sensory touch points.

What does multi-sensory dining actually mean, though?

If we are doing our job right then you will leave the experience with goose bumps. We seek the extraordinary and add layers of experiences that change perceptions of what’s possible. Our experiences celebrate the senses and take each guest on a journey of creative awakenings.

You say anything is possible?

Absolutely, although we aren’t magicians and can only perform within the realms of human endeavour. If you are asking that question then it is crucial to have the resources and budget to accommodate the most unique requests.

Is there a set planning method your clients can expect?

No, although we work from the basics upwards. Laying the foundations will ensure success and every other creative detail is dealt with organically, but with guidance and care.

How expensive are you?

Our product is value for money but delivered at the very highest quality imaginable. We never cut corners and will always present the most engaging solutions for our clients. We are realistic and transparent and will always extend the conversation to guide our clients on the best use of their budget.

How big is your team?

We are boutique event agency but have global resource to ensure we can deliver the most highly sort after creative anywhere in the world, from London to the Great Wall of China. One of the core services at The Events Mill is our Absolute team made up of professionals across all design disciplines, entertainment, food development and logistics. You are in great hands!

Is there a limit on your creative delivery?

We offer many types of experience design depending on how immersive you would like to the party to be:

Creative Couture: A fully theatrical, guest participation party adventure, multi-food experience, exceptional wine and beverage pairings, transportation into a new world for one night only. The ULTIMATE party experience.

Submersive: fully submersive design, and highest levels of multi-sensory upgrades and compelling entertainment. Literally stepping into an original theme entirely created for you.

Immersive: classic theme design, food experiences and beverage pairing with themed interior design, props and exciting entertainment.

Table Talk: The typical party experience with food and beverage, live entertainment and beautiful, atmospheric decor and floral design.

Club: Cocktails and canapés, floral table design with elegant entertainment.

What does the planning process look like?

We separate our planning into stages:

Concept Stage

Development Stage

Planning Stage

Delivery Stage


– Creative direction and concept development

– Venue search and location discovery

– Budget planning, quotation and development


Design and aesthetic development services, all provided by The Events Mill include:

– Stationery design, including invitations and event stationery such as table plans and name cards

– Luxury physical invitations

– Entertainment

– Performance, circus and theatrics

– Floral design and floral sculpturing

– Lighting design

– Sound design

– Audio visual design, video mapping and special effects

– Digital design and integrated tech

– Specialist rigging, set design and construction

– Prop sourcing and styling

– Food design

– Cocktail design

– Cake and confectionary design


– RSVP management and guest list services

– Transport sourcing and logistical planning – Hotel discovery, travel planning and destination events

– Hair and make-up

– Photography, videography and drone


– Full event management

– Stage management

– Childcare and games

– Styling

The above list is only a guide that will be tailored to accommodate your unique plans and in line with your budget.

“When you’re in that creative moment and the team collectively want to turn right, Christopher will turn left. Not only that, he will then walk with you down this path less travelled and creatively inspire you to deliver something exceptional, something beyond expectation… something memorable.”

Phil McMichael, Director of Sales at Blitz a GES Company

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