Accommodation at Belmond Hotel Caruso

Spectacular Views

Rooms at Belmond Hotel Caruso are literally set into the cliff itself and offer the most astonishing views across the Gulf of Salerno.

Each suite has a unique identity and is a celebration of refined Italian elegance, with historic detail found in the interiors and hand-picked furniture. Belmond Hotel Caruso is romantic and enchanting, boutique and beautiful, which is why it is constantly on our list of the very best hotels to visit in Italy, Europe.

Bon voyage! 

Room Views Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo


The infinity pool at sunset Belmond Hotel Caruso


Infinity Pool and Cocktails

In addition to the world-class spa available at Belmond Hotel Caruso, the infinity pool is a joy to behold and an architectural masterpiece. The setting is pristine, overlooking the coastline below, and a place of calm serenity at the highest point above the town of Ravello.

Enjoy this exclusive experience only at Belmond Hotel Caruso whilst sipping cocktails and indulging in the sheer beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

Summer days just got so much better! 

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