Experiences at Belmond Hotel Cipriani


Venice is one of the most unique places on earth. It is a place of mystery and adventure, history and charm, culture and discovery surrounded by water on all sides. 

Let us be your guide as you explore this ancient city and its many canals, bridges and boutiques. Get lost in its beauty and sample its fine food and wine as you gaze out to the lagoon from St. Mark’s Square. 

Lovers of architecture, art, music and history will immediately fall in love with Venice and all her bounty. It’s a place you’ll never forget and will forever remember.  


Grand Canal, Venice
Across the Lagoon, Venice
Breakfast on the Scala del Bovolo at dawn

Breakfast in the Skies

One of the wonderful things about staying at Belmond Hotel Cipriani is the exclusive access you get to the city, first arriving in style on board the complimentary shuttle boat to St. Mark’s Square. Why not take an early morning trip to the heart of the city while the city sleeps and climb the spiral staircase of Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo. At the top you’ll find the finest views in Venice, and a breakfast served as the sun rises. We couldn’t imagine a more romantic, magnificent start to your day in Venice. 

Lagoon Cruise

There is so much to see in Venice, both in and around the city, and across its many islands and there’s no better way to see everything than on the water.

Allow us to plan a romantic day away from the hustle and bustle of the city as you explore the 100 islands in the region. Or perhaps you’d prefer an evening trip out on the water as the sunsets over one of the most romantic places on earth? Your wish is our command. 

Bird-eye view of the hotel at sunset
The Granaries of the Repubblic offer an historic setting perfect for any celebration.

Private Events

The Granaries of the Republic of Venice, together with the Fondamenta Terrace, are available for  exclusive use at Belmond Hotel Cipriani. 

In Venice, events at Cipriani are as famous as the hotel itself. Even more exceptional is the fact that it is possible to hire the hotel on an exclusive hire basis, where every inch of the venue and its expansive grounds are yours to enjoy. Imagine guaranteed privacy, absolute flexibility and every single detail all planned just for you. We can arrange this for you, every single thing planned on your behalf.  



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