How We Charge

It isn’t uncommon for our clients to invest upwards of £200,000 + VAT for a fully immersive, multi-sensory event, however we offer solutions for a variety of budgets and briefs. Every brief we receive is so different and priced accordingly, so the below is only a guideline.

We offer many types of experience design and planning depending on how immersive you would like your experience to be:

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Creative Couture

A fully theatrical, guest participation party adventure, multi-food experiences, exceptional wine and beverage pairings, transportation into a new world for you and your guests. The ULTIMATE party experience. Please budget upwards of £500,000 + VAT



Fully submersive design, and highest levels of multi-sensory upgrades and compelling entertainment. Literally stepping into an original theme entirely created for you. All of the excitement high-end experience design has to offer. Please budget upwards of £200,000 + VAT



Classic and authentic theme design, food experiences and beverage pairing with themed interior design, props and exciting entertainment. The jewel of party planning which will impress all guests. Please budget upwards of £100,000 + VAT


Table Manners

The typical party experience with food and beverage, live entertainment and beautiful, atmospheric decor and floral design. Elegance personified. Please budget upwards of £75,000 + VAT



Cocktails and canapés, floral table design with elegant entertainment. Simple yet effective, no fuss but still creatively excellent and beautiful. Please budget upwards of £50,000 + VAT


Multi-Sensory Gastronomy

For any multi-sensory gastronomic dining adventure please budget upwards of £350.00 + VAT per head, plus additional budget for all design, décor, floral design and production. These dining experiences can accommodate from 10 – 60 guests. An average overall budget would be c.£35,000 – £50,000 + VAT.

We charge a planning fee which is a minimum of £7,000 + VAT or 12.5% of your overall budget spend, whichever is the greater figure. The deposit (minimum spend) is due upon signing of contracts, before any development work takes place. Any balance and outstanding fees are due 14 days before any event takes place.