…freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin – inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night…

John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

There is something so nostalgic about the scent of Christmas. The smell of tinsel reminds me of my mother, of times spent with my family and of draping our own tree with scarfs fashioned from flecked, shiny material. To me Christmas is a time of celebration, often an emotional time and a period of reflection. Benjamin Britten, one of our most treasured composers, responsible for writing beautiful classics such as A Ceremony of Carols, plays a big part in being the prelude to my Christmas, hearing joyful cries of ‘Welcom Yole’ in candlelight. There is something so Dickensian and comforting in lighting candles and burning incense at Christmas, perhaps releasing a little festive tradition in us all (you won’t find any Ebenezer Scrooges in our house!). Christmas time often has a sense of formality, repetition and familiarity about it. Our senses are heightened throughout the festive season, with each moment being independently sacred and special, making this period one of the most exciting and anticipated moments of the calendar.

Children's Choir

On the subject of welcomes at Christmas time, one of the most popular decorations associated with this greeting, is the holiday wreath. Looking into the history of these celebrated statement decorations, it is also suggested that wreaths mark of the end of the short days and the coming promise of spring, a time of growth and new life. People bring flowers at Christmas time as a mark of respect, or as a gift, offering a moment of thanks, but also as a moment of holiday cheer. Flowers, in their own way, have a magical quality about them, often used to heighten an experience or to add a magical sparkle to a room or occasion.

Christmas Wreath

We spoke to Leanne Roberts-Hewitt of Wild About Flowers to find out more about the types of flowers asked for in the run up and during Christmas, the significance and her own floral loves.

In your opinion is there a particular flower that is associated with Christmas?

Poinsettias, amaryllis, are wonderfully dramatic.


What does Christmas mean to Wildabout Flowers?

Christmas at Wildabout is one of my favourite seasons, the shop looks magical and the atmosphere is always excitable with new trends peeking through and showing no evidence of slowing down! Of course our creative teams interpret these trends into fantastic, seasonal designs. Our fresh Christmas trees as gifts are always popular and we also stock a sensational new range of candles to match.

Following on from the popularity of gold over the last few years, copper and bronze tones are coming through strongly and make a stylish alternative to the traditional element of gold in Christmas wreaths and trees. My favourite colour this year will be all shades of bronze and burnt oranges.

Pink – pink is the new red! Pink will influence everything from Santa’s wardrobe to holly berries. Because of the popularity of pink, we will see an evolution of greens that will complement the pink; traditional holly green will be replaced by shades like pistachio and moss greens with pops of fresh lime to keep it vibrant.

What advise can you offer those looking to incorporate a contemporary twist to their Christmas party?

Keep the pallete nice and simple – one colour and one flower – en masse!

Winter has an abundance of colour associations, beautiful materials and textures that can enhance bouquets – can you give us some tips on how to introduce unique materials into arrangements at home?

Tartans and wools are very traditional, however using silks and velvets offers a real feeling of luxury.


Dinners along one long boardroom table are very popular at the moment. Do you have examples of runners you’ve created before?


Where are you based for those who would like to purchase a Christmas arrangement?

You can find us in central London at 87 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5BX, or order through our website www.wildaboutflowers.co.uk

What do you love about Christmas?

Everything! What’s not to love, an abundance of food, wine, friends and loved ones. The Wildabout team love to get into the spirit of Christmas- I’m not always sure about their taste in music though!

Christmas Tree

What flowers could we expect to see in your home at Christmas?

Simple, white and stylish for my home at Christmas! Long table runners and a mass of white hyacinths, super fragrant and ultra chic.

Website: www.wildaboutflowers.co.uk

To find out more about the work we’ve produced with Wild About Flowers click here. We love to incorporate flowers into our design – to find out how we can help click here or email info (@) theeventsmill.com or call 0207 207 7698.

Image credits: Wild About Flowers