Religious, Faith and Cultural Weddings

For us, the most important element of planning any wedding is the ability to realise your dreams and to celebrate your union of love. We work to an incredibly high standard of delivery, where discretion and privacy are prerequisite. We understand how important this planning process is and will work with you to discover the very best solution for your wedding, working through every nuance and detail to deliver your special day in line with your vision.

Whether you are considering a showstopper wedding or something more intimate, we will guide you through the wedding planning process and bring the very best of services available, recommending heightened luxury and layers of extraordinary detail to shape the perfect luxury wedding experience.

We respect culture and the preservation of faith and through this we are able to execute weddings that are built upon the foundation of eternal love and the sanctity of marriage.

From east to west, from orthodox to progressive, we plan weddings for all faiths and cultural beliefs. We believe that weddings should reflect the heritage of the couple, be reflective of their taste and executed with absolute finesse. Our connections with religious practitioners means that we are able to request subtle nuisances whilst remaining respectful of tradition and practice.

Our portfolio is as varied as the client’s that put their trust in us to create their perfect wedding celebration. We have worked with clients from diverse locations throughout the world, through the headiness of Asia to the Northern lights of Iceland and from culture rich Europe to the deserts of the Arabia. Our international supplier network supports our core team, accommodating for the most unique of requests.

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