Religious, Faith and Cultural Weddings

The most important element of planning a wedding is the celebration of love. The union of two people in marriage is often the most important celebration in our lives. As a spiritual person I appreciate that faith weddings are special and personal. I have the ability to realise your dreams and to design a celebration you and your guests will love. I work to a high standard of delivery, where discretion and privacy are prerequisite. I know how important the planning process is, especially when honouring traditions. I will work with you to form a plan to ensure every task actioned is in line with your unique requirements. Working through every nuance and detail to deliver your special day, I will bring your vision to life.

I can help if you are considering a showstopper wedding or something more intimate. I am committed to the bringing the very best services available. I want to incorporate original ideas and luxury that will make your wedding stand out from the norm. Let me plan the perfect luxury wedding experience for you.

Above all, I respect the preservation of faith, the foundation of eternal love and the sanctity of marriage.

Asian weddings

I want your wedding to reflect your needs. I am only successful as a wedding planner if I can bring your dreams to life. By putting your trust in me you will have an expert planned, original and beautiful wedding.

Are you in love with the idea of hosting a quintessentially British-inspired wedding? Or do you want to have a celebration of both east and western culture designed to pay tribute to your history? I have deep respect for values and traditions with an ambition to plan personal, beautiful weddings.

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Indian weddings

I am experienced at planning Indian weddings. I have produced celebrations that are very traditional as well as contemporary alternatives. I will guide you through the various stages of the wedding process and produce a celebration that is both beautiful and original.

As a cultural wedding planner I am aware of the pillars of faith in Hindu, Sikh, Jains and Buddist ceremonies. I have had the pleasure of working with Punjabi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Tamil and Bengali clients, amongst others.

I appreciate the subtle differences between Hindu weddings and Sikh weddings. I have produced for both religious preferences, as well as inter-faith celebrations and for other beliefs. I respect the cultural significance and nuances found at each unique wedding. I never compromise on producing beautiful and original weddings. My service is luxury, different and of supreme quality.

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Working in line with your faith I will plan the series of pre and post wedding celebrations. From the varmala to the mehndi, the sangeet and the baraat, as well as orchestrating the bridal leaving ceremony, post-reception. I love the traditional design aesthetics of Indian weddings but I am also known for mixing things up. My contacts are extensive and represent the very best of suppliers in weddings. From exciting dhol players to up and coming henna artists, mehndi decor and Indian chefs.

I will be your only contact for your wedding planning requirements. My wider team at The Events Mill are on hand to support me and help manage the wedding celebrations. Whether you choose my exclusive Atelier service or join my Boutique I guarantee you a visual, sensory and individual design. My experience spans 15 years planning at the very height of luxury weddings and events.

""You literally blew our minds. We don't have the words to describe what you did or how you did it, but thank you, thank you, thank you. You were worth every single penny". "

- Francesca and Elliot, married in New York City 2017

Arabic weddings

Whilst I may not be the obvious choice Arabic wedding planner I guarantee that my product will offer you an alternative from the norm. If you are seeking true luxury and appreciate quality then my planning service is right for you. I can bring your vision to life and plan a celebration that is extraordinary in every way.

I work with discretion and privacy and have a deep respect for traditions. I have had the privilege of producing events in the middle east, at some of the most exclusive party venues. I can help with intimate celebrations and equally produce grandiose showstopper weddings. My team and I have produced for Saudi, Qatari and Lebanese clients both here in the UK and abroad. I love the planning process and can assist with the various events leading up to the wedding. It is my aim to relieve you of the stresses of planning your wedding so that you can enjoy the celebration.

A wedding planned by Christopher Mills is a beautiful affair that will live on in your married life. I am known for doing things differently and I embrace new challenges that show the very best of what is available to my clients.

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Christian weddings

Being a Christian myself I respect the sanctity of marriage and the joy that comes with this union. I am proud of the relationships I have formed with various parishes in the UK and churches of the world. Together we will plan the wedding that you have always dreamed of, in your cherished place of worship, surrounded by your friends and family.

It is important to me to get to know you as a couple and your immediate family, building trust whilst we plan. I understand the pressures involved when planning a wedding and I want to support, guide and inspire you. Whether you follow the catholic faith or are of a protestant domination I want to plan the wedding in line with your beliefs. My wedding planning process is thorough and encompasses full development, design and delivery.

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I am known for producing beautiful weddings with a luxurious edge. My design is exciting and delivered to an incredibly high standard. I can assist you by offering impartial advice, guidance on the most beautiful luxury wedding destinations or if you want to get married at home. It is always my ambition to create beautiful work that result in beautiful weddings. I am both a wedding planner and wedding designer which means my services are value for money.

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Greek Orthodox weddings

I want to support your Sacrament of marriage and be there for you throughout this planning process. I understand how much tradition plays in any Greek Orthodox weddings, the coming together to exchange rings and the crowning ceremony as you pledge eternal love and devotion to each other. I want to ensure that each moment of this holy tradition is planned to perfection, from the declaration of intent to the dance of Isaiah.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot add contemporary twists to your wedding celebration. I am the perfect wedding planner for couples who are open to fresh ideas mixed with traditions. My planning process is organic and tailored to each couple. I can guarantee that by working with me you will not only love the wedding day, but you will love each planning task too.

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Jewish weddings

My design is luxurious in every way. I am known for mixing things up and creating original concepts, twists on traditions and truly bespoke experiences. If you are looking for something a little different to standard Jewish weddings, you’ve come to the right wedding planner. I want to help you establish exactly what you would like and to show you how to bring your desires to life.

The majority of my clients choose me because of my reputation for creativity and desire to do things differently. I am a detail-orientated and highly curious person who loves making things look beautiful. I will produce an outstanding celebration for you and take care of every single detail, from your Jewish wedding ceremony to the party.

The Events Mill is London’s premium wedding planner and simply put, we create the best, most original and beautiful events in the industry. My colleagues and I have worked very hard to build a brand synonymous with luxury and quality. I am able to weave traditions with contemporary twists to create the most compelling design. I have had the pleasure of producing Jewish weddings over the past 10 years and I am very familiar with all Jewish customs.

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My product is of superb quality, which means we will never be the cheapest wedding planner on the market. I am confident that you will find our services value for money, but most importantly, tailored to your unique requirements. I work with transparency, integrity and a relaxed, calm and friendly personality. I am here to support you through each step of this important moment in your lives.

"I first met Christopher on a venue familiarisation trip a couple of years ago and was instantly blown away by his infectious personality and knowledge of weddings and events. He is a master of invention using his sensory perception and imagination to create deliciously decadent events. A master of his trade;Christopher takes planning to a whole new level. He is nothing short of extraordinary in his creativity and professionalism and I cannot wait to work with him on further projects. He is The Greatest Showman. "

- Tina Reading. Editor, Ultimate Wedding Magazine