With the festive season fast approaching, it’s important for us to turn our minds to sourcing wonderful gifts for our loved ones, and to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowds on the high street. Thankfully, for those who find walking the festive pavements slightly overwhelming, the web is a maze of wonderful sources that can really help with inspiration and ideas, fast becoming one of the most effective ways of shopping. But it can also be a minefield of possibilities, often overwhelming and used as a last minute option for sourcing gifts, especially at Christmas time. Essentially the internet throughout the festive season becomes an online wintery grotto where you can pretty much find anything, however it is still so important to understand exactly what you’re buying, to guarantee quality but also to source products on sites which go that extra mile to make the user experience pleasurable. Perhaps Santa, in his own way, has adopted the digital approach and even has his own team of elves working tirelessly updating web platforms to cope with the sudden rush – how else does this magic happen?! But, it doesn’t have to be chaotic and last minute and we are here to help!

Luxury gift services, such as our friends at Amara (https://www.amara.com), aren’t only there to offer inspiration for Christmas gifting, but have an array of products and services that makes the shopping experience effortless. With a plethora of beautiful gifts and designer home ware, you are sure to be able to find the most exceptional ranges available from some of the world’s leading brands. Here are our Top 10 gifts presented by Amara for the Christmas season:

No. 10 – Roberto Cavalli Bravo Shawl Bathrobe – £192.00



No. 9 – Missoni Neda Pouf – £296.00


No. 8 – Reflections by HugauLarsson Superstar Mirror – Rose Gold – £920.00


No. 7 – Tom Dixon Form Tableware – From £50.00


No. 6 – Missoni Throw Margot – £808.00


No. 5 – Roberto Cavalli Python Gold Old Fashioned Vessel – £480.00


No. 4 – UGG Sheepskin Area Rug – Quarto – Grey – £450.00


No.3 – Linley Watch Tower Macassar Ebony – £19500.00


No. 2 – Progetti CucuBall Clock – £284.50


No.1 – Zik 2.0 Headphones – Orange – £249.99

Orange Headphones

Shopping with Amara is an absolute joy, supported by wonderful customer service and effortless delivery solutions. We cannot recommend this luxury giftware service higher enough.

For further gift inspiration and ideas for Christmas why not email us at info@theeventsmill.com or call us on +44 (0) 207 207 7698.