Milestone Celebration Ideas

Here at The Events Mill we are always striving to come up with innovative themes and ideas that push the boundaries. A great event is both mesmerising and engaging and one that is talked about for years to come. Over the last decade, event design has become more and more imaginative, whether children or adults are in mind. Milestone celebrations should be personal, memorable and fun.

Whether you are celebrating your child’s 5th birthday party or congratulating someone on their 50th extravaganza, The Events Mill is fully equipped to create the most exciting event experience that your guests will never forget.

Splendiferous Roald Dahl Party – 5 years old.

To celebrate 100 years since Roald Dahl’s birth and 20 years since Matilda hit our screens, why not have a Roald Dahl themed party. With over 20 children’s books and many marvellous characters, the possibilities are endless. Guests could receive a Willy Wonker golden ticket as their invitation then upon arrival enter through a large purple and golden gate. The children could be asked to come as different characters from the books and adults could be given Fantastic Mr Fox masks.

A collection of Roald Dahl inspired things

For food, an array of colourful sweets and a large Bruce Bogtrotter fudge cake could be placed on grazing stations as well as mini Twits-style chicken pies and George’s marvellous fruit punch. The venue could have balloons hanging from the ceiling and other items such as walking sticks, again in reference to The Twits. There could be a reading area representing the library Matilda visited with bean bags in the shape of a peach and Quinten Blake illustrated cushions. Continuing with the theme, a craft area could be set up, where the children could make James and the Giant Peach dream jars. For further entertainment there could be a large play area with an ‘Enormous Crocodile’ and a BFG entertainer on stilts making giraffe, fox and crocodile shaped balloons. Finally, a magician dressed as ‘Willy Wonker’ could perform tricks using his hat and hand out party bags as they leave.

Let’s party like its 1995 Party – 21 years old

To celebrate turning 21, you could theme your party around the year you were born. Guests could be sent a mix-tape invitation with music on as an indication of the chosen theme. For entertainment, you could have a professional beat boxer and a DJ scratching and mixing albums such as ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’, ‘Jagged Little Pill’ and songs from the likes of Chemical Brothers and Notorious B.I.G. Guests could come dressed as Cher, Dionne and Thai from Clueless or Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Think neon lights, tie dye balloons, Rubik Cube chairs, a giant game of Twister and boom boxes blasting MC Hammer. With a little creativity, old video tapes could be made into tables, buffet stands or canapé trays.

a mood board of 1995 ideas

Continuing with the theme, there could be a games area where guests could get competitive to mark PlayStations first console. Polaroid cameras could be placed on the tables with each guest given a mini photo album to store pictures from the event. Exotic-fruit margaritas could be served to represent the year’s drinks trend as well as After Shock cocktails, Bacardi Breezer and Sparks. A modern twist on hot pockets could be served as canapés along with other delicious treats that define not only the year but the decade. Furthermore, the cake could be made in the shape of a cassette or be decorated in bright neon colours. Finally, to finish off the evening, guests could be given a party bag with their favourite 90’s sweets and a DVD of a classic film released in 1995.

A Studio 54 Party – 50th Birthday

Studio 54 was opened in 1977 and went on to become America’s most famous nightclub. However, it closed in 1981 after only 33 months. So what better way to celebrate turning 50 than hosting a party with all the antics and glamour of Studio 54 and where hedonism is encouraged? Guests could be asked to come dressed as drag queens and famous faces such as Cher or David Bowie – all of which graced the club! Gold could be the main theme colour with table clothes and soft furnishings covered in sequins and glitter. Upon entering through a bespoke Studio 54 style entrance guests could walk to a cloakroom amongst chandelier covered ceilings and be greeted by staff in little black dresses.


To brighten the space, there could be strobe lighting as well as disco balls used to create table centrepieces. There would obviously need to be a dancefloor with a DJ spinning Studio 54 favourites and exotic dancers showcasing their moves. Behind a gold mirrored bar, a mixologist could recreate classics such as Golden Cadillac, Harvey Wallbanger and 86 Long Island Ice Tea to get everyone in the party spirit. For food why not serve mini prawn cocktails with croutons instead of bread for a modern twist to the 1970’s favourite as well as Banoffee Pie and other popular foods, all with an immersive style. Finally, there could be areas with comfortable seating and beds where guests can rest their feet after all that dancing.

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Written by Sarah Guthrie, for an on behalf of The Events Mill

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