Missoni Art Colour London Exhibition

If you have a certain love for anything colourful then you need to stop what you’re doing immediately and head down to the Fashion & Textile Museum, Bermondsey Street (SE1). Prepare to be amazed as you enter the colourful world of Missoni, a fashion house that we absolutely adore.

What strikes you the most when you enter the exhibition, except for being surrounded by the most glorious blended fabrics, is the range of artworks available to view that may not normally be exhibited. This exciting collection of artworks is placed to understand the influences and inspirations for Missoni as he created his own work. The range of colour is breathtaking and visually stunning.

It is exciting to understand Missoni’s process and to understand more about his creative ideas and to see how other art forms can influence evolution throughout his collections.

At the heart of the exhibition is a full display of Missoni garments positioned on a pyramid. There are layers upon layers of fabric, unique pattern work and colour schemes that dazzle before your eyes. You can truly appreciate the quality of the work and attention to detail – it is just breathtaking to behold.

Mannequins wearing Mission Clothes


The exhibition continues where you are treated to displays of Missoni’s sketches and colour plans, supported by other pieces of art that had a influence throughout later collections. Furthermore there are plenty of sample cabinets with physical examples of Missoni’s collection, the unique patterns that are so associated with this fashion house and their home interiors collection.

Missoni Jumper

This exhibition is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see inside the world of one of the world’s greatest fashion designers and to understand how utterly spectacular the woollen world can be.

Mission Dresses

We absolutely loved the exhibition!

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