Our food development team can design a unique dining experience delivered entirely in your residence or private dining location.
Our niche is multi-sensory and gastronomic, like this formula 1 inspired dinner.
We respect the privacy of your home and work discreetly. Our planning team will develop the perfect dining experience in line with your vision and specific requirements.
Dinner at home should be relaxed and enjoyable, with umptious amounts of comfort food. It is always our priority to ensure your chosen menu reflects your tastes and occasion.
Our design team will recommend options for table service, visual aesthetics and interior decor for dinner.
We bring narratives to life through exceptional food design with beautiful, simple decor enhancements.
Our expert planning team can negotiate on your behalf to find the perfect beverage and condiment accompaniments.
Fine dining, bowl food or exquisitely-styled food stations, with advanced, immersive and molecular menus available.
We can produce experiences throughout the seasons and across all themes.
We will bring the glamour of events into your home and treat your guests to a magical experience.
And we do this by working with the very best of the industry. This beautiful dessert station created with Alison Price & Co. is a fantastic example of the impeccable finish that we love.