Film Premieres and Award Ceremonies

We understand the importance of scheduling, the fine balance of show calling and juggling celebrities, pulled together with last minute changes and crowd control. In fact, we love the fast-paced energy of film premieres and the unscheduled buzz of award ceremonies. There is a balance between creating something beautiful in terms of set design, environment décor and food, with developing compelling graphics, digital audio visual and managing schedules. We love and are very experienced in producing shows from beginning to end and have a large team of show callers, producers, directors and dressers to help your premiere event stand out. 

Our Bureau of contacts extends to those with opinions, press executives and agents with access to the world’s most sought-after comperes, presenters and performers. We can deliver big productions that are supported with fine detail and layers of luxury design. We always bring an experience to the table and to showcase the very best to a diverse range of industries, from rock n roll to pharmaceuticals, supporting you every step of the way and ensuring you are always in the spotlight.

And above all, we are calm, prepared and detail orientated. You won’t notice a thing except the buzz your audience is experiencing, and that’s exactly how it should be. We will even organise the after party so you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself.