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To some extent creating an event is almost like creating an illusion – it is always temporary and leaves guests wondering the tricks of the trade and curious as to how certain things are done. As with any serious magician, we never reveal our tricks as this would shatter the illusion of creating spectacular moments.

It is important, when considering design options for your event, to not always see things as they are, but to go through the process with an open mind and to have trust in original ideas. Crucially, it is vital to make use of many different design disciplines, furnishing new from old and upholstering preexisting décor to appear like something else. This truly is the most exciting part of any designers’ job.

We are fortunate in this day and age to have fantastic access to a range of printing techniques that really do enhance options for live experiences. From bespoke wallpaper, to sculpture and from vinyl to fabric printing, the possibilities are endless and can be used to conceal, improve, standout and blend environments to suit any theme or design plan. Here are five options for you to consider:


Wallpaper will never go out of fashion and ranges have truly evolved to include some rather beautiful options. It is crucial to use low-tack adhesive wallpaper when dressing your venue, especially in grade-listed venues, but you will be surprised at the range that is available. Bespoke wallpaper gives the opportunity to incorporate fresh designs with big impact, depth and originality. Introducing other textures such as fur, velvet, PVC or embroidery can really help to bring a unique edge and softer finish to any canvass.



Texture-Grey-Pebble Stone-Wall-Wallpaper-Mural-Room


The world of vinyl printing is very exciting, giving opportunities to create design solutions for larger canvasses and those surfaces that require intricate scaled drawings. Vinyl can play a large part as the main design feature within a concept, or used to enhance nooks and crannies to add more layers of interesting perspective or to enhance a product’s surface. This technique is a wonderful solution when dressing bars, walls, panels and other large set pieces.


3D printing has remained a popular choice over the last few years as the technology is incredibly impressive. Some are put off of this option as the process seems rather technical, but you would be surprised at how user-friendly and accessible this type of design is. This important evolution in design has really enhanced the possibilities of creating very detailed, intricate design with impact, whilst retaining elegance and a bespoke edge.

3D Printed Table


Foiling has often been associated to the high-end luxury market and really can enhance print materials for stationery and business collateral. Using foiling on a large scale can be cost prohibitive so it is wise to use this technique to add those finishing touches and elegance – it’s almost like the golden cherry on the cake.



Creating your own picture or pattern can be a fun opportunity to add a personal edge to your design. Screen-printing uses blocking stencils and ink to transfer a picture onto paper through a mesh of fine materials. It is incredibly satisfying and an opportunity for producing entirely personal and bespoke print options.

Obsolute Industries


Flowers copy

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