The sudden surge of interest in prop hire doesn’t surprise us – in fact, we’ve been using props as support for our designs since the beginning. Props aren’t a new thing, of course. Some would argue that events are the offspring of theatrical extravaganzas, where we want to bring the magic to life for one night only. There is definitely some truth in that.

image of a mobile phone made out of flowers and a drag queen

This may sounds cheesy (profuse apologies) but the benchmark of excellence for us is measured by the reaction of our clients’ as they walk into the event and get that overall body shiver. It is the same feeling where all of the tiny hairs all over your arms standup proudly and you tingle; the true nectar of life. We work to deliver a similar experience when we are designing an event and we feel that if you don’t have that experience then we haven’t sufficiently fulfilled our jobs. It is often the hidden details, the out-of-my-comprehension moment where for a second you are transported into a world that is so far detached from reality and you can only dream of what’s to come.

Dinner themed around shakespeare

The use of props is important in our work, not least because we have a lot of fun choosing and styling these golden pieces of history, but because it allows us to create interiors that really do feel authentic and in the moment. We love to produce work that is realistic and that has a real sense of believability, rather than to use props just as an addition or as a support to a theme. Of course this has its place especially when designing events around Christmas time or other festival celebrations.

shop front and a toy soldier in a box

Most of our clients will want something that is considered off the wall, creative and unapologetically original. We are truly lucky that we are often given complete freedom to design experiences that purposely warrant opinions, reactions and moments that often stop people in their tracks. We’ve been asked to design a full concept that celebrated vulgarity to its full glory, challenging conceptions of the word and bringing to life the different iterations and celebrations of the vulgar throughout the centuries. From the provocative and strutting like a peacock, to tabloid boldness and risqué realness, drag to vogue and everything in between; we really do have so much fun.

colourful table decor and an actress with big blonde wig

Other concepts have included a full layout design for a Shakespearian themed dining experience, a 21 course gastronomic adventure for a luxury whisky brand, a pop-up immersive Christmas experience called ‘The Little Treasured Toyshop’ and many more. We absolutely love to wonder around old markets, antique fairs and prop hire stores to bring the very best of what’s available to our clients. We even make our own props and fabricate multi-sensory invitations, soft furnishings and project-specific items that contribute to an overall sensory and immersive experience.

a tudor feast and a boat in a bottle

We believe that anything is truly possible and we have an unfettered approach to creativity, always striving for the next level of creativity and remaining true to our ethos that events should be beautiful, intelligent and original. Above all we have a lot of fun doing our jobs and we thank each and every one of our clients’ for their trust and curiosity.

A pop up toyshop

If you are planning an event and would like to discuss your plans with us, or if you fancy meeting for a creative brainstorm then please do get in touch.