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What is the difference between a queer party planner and a luxury party planner? 

Absolutely nothing, except with Christopher Mills, known as the go-to LGBT party planner in London, you are guaranteed the full luxury experience of his signature planning services but you will be working with someone who gets it and who is like you. Because, and let’s get real here, sometimes we all love to work with people who can resonate and understand without the need to explain and breakdown the nuances of what’s important in our world. 

So, you’ve decided you want to start your queer party planning journey and don’t know where to start?

Well, you are in the best hands. Not only am I extremely experienced (having almost 20 year’s experience under my belt) but you get the full package with me as I am also your designer, too. That’s right, a two-for-one before you even start, and a massive saving already, whereas normally with a standard wedding planner they would outsource the creative design.

Same sex weddings (I hate that term) are yesterday’s news and I’m not a fan of the term Gay weddings either. As a community we are free and our spirit surges to break barriers, which means the ceiling of creativity is smashed time and time again, making my job super exciting. Queer weddings, queer parties and queer celebrations (more appropriate terms) are where we can unclip our rainbow feathered wings and party, party, party. Christopher Mills queer party planner – has a ring to it, don’t you think?

So, what does The Events Mill LGBT Party Planner process involve?

There is no set formula, which I love. Every party or wedding is unique, and the creative process is tailored accordingly. My work tends to be immersive and highly detailed, beautiful and polished, sometimes theatrical and narrative driven. I work right alongside you and can plan every single detail on your behalf or we can plan together, depending on what you’d prefer.

Guess what? I'm going to be on TV! See me on BBC Three's new show 'Big Proud Party Agency'! Find out more here.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Christopher and his team, a supremely creative individual who also works extremely hard to deliver his wondrous visions, no impulse is left uncovered, no corner is left unloved, he has a unique ability to design such a vast range of things, from tiny points of detail to sweeping grand gestures, and all with such delight of sense and colour. What a joyful journey to go on!”

Anabel Fielding, CEO at Alite Global

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