The Events Mill is a full-service experience design and planning agency which means that we’re able to take care of it all. From initial consultation to the transfers and flights home following the party, our endeavour is to make your experience having us on board as comfortable as possible. We understand, due to the very scale of an experience, that it can come with pressure. But that’s where we like to swoop in and relieve all that concern. We have unrivalled access to the most extraordinary contacts across the globe, in the most desirable locations, events, to A-List entertainers and into luxury brands, PR databases and service providers. Working with The Events Mill is an end-to-end, full design, planning and delivery service.


We are most known for our creativity and our innovative approach when conjuring up ideas that really do pack a punch. Whilst the main objective is to create an unforgettable experience for your guests, we also love to take you, our client, on a journey during the lead up to the event. This means that with our initial proposal, with any creative ideas put forward or with the more practical information submitted, you’ll find not only clarity and thorough consideration, but whimsicality and fun.

Our creative services include:

Creative Direction, Ideation & Strategy, Impact Initiatives & Campaign Direction; Set Design & Art Direction, Bespoke Design & Fabrication, Technical Direction, Styling & Decor, Prop Sourcing & Making, Floral Design; Menu Creation & Food Development, Content Creation, Multi-media Design.

We go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the most unique experience and therefore have developed bespoke services that highlight our craftsmanship and creativity.

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When the long-awaited time comes for your event to unfold, as our testimonials have described, you’ll find yourself astonished at how seamlessly, much as if a wand has been waved, every component of your experience comes together. This is due in equal parts to our 20 years’ expertise, the trust binding every member of our team together and rigorous planning.

Our production services include:

Venue Finding; Studio: Graphic Design, Digital & Print – Visualisation, Illustration, Sketching & CAD; Entertainment, Talent & VIP Sourcing & Management; Fabrication from Puppetry to Prosthetics; Technical Direction across Sound, Lighting & AV; Logistical Management


Over the years we have built up an enviable roster of acclaimed talent. From award-winning chefs and celebrity performers to internationally renowned floral designers, The Events Mill exudes excellence. We can’t wait to show you our synergy in motion.

Our team consists of include:

Chefs, Floral Artists, Lighting Designers, Sound Engineers, Art Directors, Designers, Stylists Copywriters, Video Editors, Set Builders, Concierge and Technicians of Every Specialism.