The Events Mill is known for producing event design, which is full of immersion, breathtakingly original and expertly creative. We are a bunch of design professionals who love to do things differently, and styling is one of our core strengths and something we love to do for our clients.

We believe that beauty lies in detail and the key to a successful immersive experience is to explore this detail in line with an original narrative. Our styling service is one which we are particularly proud of and we believe that there is simply no other event agency who can style an event quite like The Events Mill can.
We roam antique stores, across websites, recyclable centres and in the most exclusive auctions to select a vast array of props, materials and décor to ensure our design feels believable and curious. Each piece in our collection is chosen for its individual merit, quality controlled and stylistic characteristics. We have our very own prop store called Cinderella & Her Shoe, a service which brings these objects together for reuse, breathing life into unused items for future use and enjoyment.

So what’s involved in our styling process?

Ideation and Creative

We will work with you to establish a narrative for your experience. Whether you are considering a known theme (i.e. Casino or Narnia) or an entirely bespoke idea, we will guide, inspire and produce something extraordinary together.

Set Styling Budget

It’s important to consider your budget and what you want to spend on styling and props. The more budget allocation, the more detailed and authentic we can be. We work with a full range of budgets and will provide our suggestions in line with this.

Research Mood Board

We will begin to mood board our ideas after researching in depth the theme and party specifics. Our suggestions will be brought together in a document for you to review.

Prop Hire

By working with us you will automatically qualify for access to our prop store, Cinderella & Her Shoe, at a huge discounted rate (50% off). Here is where we will start selecting objects for use before looking elsewhere.


We have an extensive black book of contacts and access to the most spectacular suppliers. Depending on what is needed, whether it’s object d’art, paintings or fabrics, we know where to go. The finished result will be a combination of many different styling pieces brought together exclusively for you.

Image Selection

Once we have made our final selection, we will send you a revised image sheet showing the variety of styling pieces and props we’ve discovered for your experience. This will be an opportunity to make last minute changes, although we are confident you won’t need to!


We take care of all logistics. Our stylists will liaise with all suppliers and consolidate collections and returns of all props so that they come in one place and out the same way. You will only have to liaise with us, making the process very straightforward.

Dressing on Site

This is where the magic happens, and we work on site to bring your design to life. Many of our clients view our selection and wonder how we are going to do, but when they see the finished result they smile and can see our vision come together to create something sublime.


After the event we will share with you the photographs taken of the styling and production design. And we will look forward to the next time we work with you.

Bespoke Prop Fabrication

We are regularly asked to design and make, which forms a huge part of our service. Sometimes props need to be tweaked, upcycled or made from scratch, and we have the expertise and passion to bring concepts to life from idea to physical delivery. In the past we have created some extraordinary designs from food trucks to clouds of wire, tables that grow flowers before your very eyes, metallic trees to bespoke bars which double up as mini museums. We are a one stop shop of creativity and love a challenge.

“Just out of this world AMAZING. Thank you SO much for producing a party that will go down in history as one of the most memorable in the Beckham’s family history”

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