The Events Meal is presented by The Events Mill, a premium service offered to our clients who are looking for a more bespoke catering solution.

We partner with the world's greatest chefs and restaurants who, together with our in-house design team, produce their food on a grand scale within the context of an exclusive event experience. This means that you benefit from world-class food from Michelin-starred chefs with delivery from world-class event planners, The Events Mill. The very best of both worlds brought together in the ultimate creative partnership where old and tired event catering is thrown out and new, contemporary and luxury fine cuisine takes its place. This service is entirely bespoke, hand-crafted and exclusive to The Events Mill and not available anywhere else in the market, making it a premium offering for those looking for something different and exciting, who have an appreciate for the very best food produced by the very best chefs across the world.

So How Does It Work

We have handpicked a selection of the world’s elite chefs and their restaurants and have worked hard to bring their operation to the forefront of the party, event and wedding industry. We are successful because we know what it takes to plan a luxury experience and because we partner with the very best chefs who have curated the very best menus which are critically acclaimed – this is a partnership made in heaven and you benefit from both. Simply put the benefits to you are:
- Exceptional menus from Michelin-starred chefs are your event
- Exceptional delivery from world-class party planners, The Events Mill
- All services found in one place
- Exclusive, bespoke, original – no one else offers this service 
- As their menus change, so do ours – we remain fresh, exciting and always original

The Practicalities

The enquiry process couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is give us a call or drop us an email and we can take care of the rest. 
We need the following information:
- Date of your experience:
- Location:
- Number of guests:
- Favourite chef or favourite cuisine:
- Special requirements or specific dietaries:
We will then provide you with a bespoke, tailored proposal.
In addition to The Events Meal's delivery, we offer a whole range of design services which makes our service a full service. Where you may have previously selected a caterer just for food and a production company for lighting, sound and design, now you are able to work with The Events Mill who can offer everything in one place, still with a commitment to excellence, originality and authenticity.

This service has elevated the culinary scene for events and party design. Whereas before it was a challenge to bring restaurant quality food to the party scene with guaranteed elite delivery, it is now possible. The Events Meal is revolutionary in its scope, expertise and ambition.

We can’t wait to show you new ways of thinking and tasting.
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