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Noting or relating to digital technology or images that actively engage one’s senses and may create an altered mental state.

Step into Dream Worlds

For us the word immersive means so much more than this definition allows. It is the essence of our work and lies at the heart of everything we do. For us, immersive experiences are the past, present and future of design, and we have embraced this movement wholeheartedly. Creating an immersive experience supports the notion of storytelling in its most basic form, for every story should be believable regardless of how fantastical it may sound. Immersive design transports you from a pane of reality to a pane of another life, giving the opportunity to leave one’s persona at the door and to step into an alternative world.

Sensory Experiences

Immersive experiences can be long, short, complex or simple. They can throw you about, turn you upside down, make you see double or give you absolute clarity.  An immersive world can trick the senses, bewitch the mind and summon emotions.  Nostalgia is its best friend, calling upon memories that create new sensations.

Immersive F1 Design

A Window to Nostalgia

Immersive experiences give way to experience itself for it is a multi-sensory adventure that takes you somewhere you’ve never been before, traversing time and space. A window into times gone by, times that are and times that will be.

Art Deco Themed Party
The Little Treasured Toyshop by The Events Mill

Exceptional Design

Any design can benefit from having a theme, especially when creating experience design, but there is a huge difference between referencing an era or tokenising a movement from the past – such as Art Deco or Masquerade – where props are used and matched with lighting as well as well-known design references, compared to a truly believable interpretation where you actually feel like you are in the 1920s or in a grand ballroom in Venice, transported back in time. The difference lies within the design itself, the believability of the set design and authentic props from that era itself.

Winston Churchill Event

Be Authentic

You can choose to give a glimpse into the design, perhaps by simply having flapper dancers wondering around the room with huge feather props, or you could choose to disregard the clichéd expectations and showcase the real spirit of a 1920s cocktail party, with pieces from the era itself. By widening your search, you will easily find that there are suppliers who offer this authenticity, which ensures your design will be immersive because it is a real time-capsule and not a clichéd reproduction.

Technological Enhancements

Of course, there are many tools that can help you reach immersive qualities in your design. Technology, supported by augmented reality, is a great example of how you can easily transport the user into a new world, simply by wearing an oculus. The advancements in virtual world technology are entirely believable, often used as a tool to convey ideas, sell concepts and enhance gamification experiences. We live in a world of instant gratification and this immediate transportation appeals to our insatiable demand for new discoveries.

Creating a physical world that is believable requires a different type of thought and careful planning. Set design has always been a fantastic way to portray different eras and to convey aesthetic detail, reliant on our hand skills to make each design beautiful and realistic. The added advantage of technologies such as CNC cutting and engraving means that design can be enhanced with detail and motifs authentically sourced from history, applied in a contemporary way.

Physical Immersion

There are wonderful sensory theories which can add a whole other layer of curiosity and intrigue, again aiding the believability of your immersive experience.

We have had the pleasure of working for some global brands who see the value of multi-sensory, immersive branding experiences. Creating an authentic link that transports customers into the product itself, thus creating a unique and entirely personal attachment ensures that each experience, and therefore the links to their specific product, can be sustained as a memory which made an impact in that moment.

Immersive experiences offer so much more than a glimpse into something; you are literally thrust into the narrative and left there to explore in your own time, and when you remerge, your life and perception will have changed.

Things To Consider When Party Planning

Top Art Deco Venues In London

The success of a party is largely determined by the planning process and there are a number of things that need to be considered to ensure things goes ahead without a hitch.


First and foremost, a budget needs to be drawn up. It is often an element that is considered but not entirely appreciated as this really does have major implications on what can be done for your party. We are fortunate to work at the top end of party planning, but we are still very budget conscious and always ensure our clients’ investment are wisely spent. It is always useful to consider what you don’t want to spend, which is a good starting place. Different currency

Guest list

Secondly, think about who and how many will be invited. This may have an impact on the choice of venue since a number of factors may need to be taken into account from room capacity to accessibility for older guests and wheelchairs, as well as the location for anyone travelling from afar. Guest list


It is important to have a date in mind for the party. Once this is decided a venue can be sourced accordingly. Venues get booked up far in advance so it is important to view early to avoid disappointment. The date picked may have some impact on the final choice of venue and depending on whether it is on a weekend or a week night may determine who can and cannot attend. A save the date invite


The venue chosen by the host can say a lot about their personality. Some venues might be more suitable for a relaxed affair, whereas grander spaces compliment a black-tie soiree. A converted warehouse could be the perfected space for anyone looking for an edgy vibe. However, for a romantic feel a castle in the countryside may be more appropriate. Furthermore, choosing the right venue can make a huge difference when it comes to creating the desired look, enhancing a theme and providing ‘wow’ factor. A drawing of the Royal Festival Hall


To ensure there are no last minute logistical challenges many things need to be contemplated from the size of props to the size of furniture chosen. A canapé reception as opposed to a sit down dinner may allow for greater numbers and offer a different set of logistical factors. Parking also needs to be considered, particularly for suppliers and service providers. If you choose a band, it is important to make sure they can fit in the venue, as well as style options, furniture and set design.


Many factors can influence a theme, including the time of year the party is taking place, a particular hobby, interest or heritage. Props may need to be sourced appropriately that complement the theme and work with the overall event aesthetic. Bespoke table decorations, floral arrangements and objet d’art can all be sourced to create a unique design. vulgar-dressed-table


Once the venue and dates are finalised, invitations need to be sent out. This should be done as far in advance as possible to ensure as many guests can attend. Invitations are the first thing guests see and can offer a glimpse of what they can expect when attending an upcoming party. The quality of the invitation says a lot about the host, so try to be bold and try something new.

Food and drink

It is important to determine how you will feed and water your guests. A mixologist could be hired to create delicious cocktails and offer an alternative to beer, wine and sparkling drinks. When planning a menu, dietary requirements need to be taken into account. Canapés and grazing stations are often a popular choice for parties as guests have more freedom to mingle and investigate at their own pace. Buffets are no longer reserved for low-cost gatherings; rather they can offer a stunning display of gastronomy. Whatever you decide, the golden rule is to make sure guests never go hungry! Food station Food by Alison Price & Co.

Lighting and sound

The choice of venue will have an impact on lighting and sound quality. A large space may echo and also make it difficult to hear speeches, presentations and music. Hiring a sound engineer might be an idea and greatly enhance the guests overall experience. Lighting is equally as important and can dramatically change the look of a space. Mood lighting and candles provide a romantic feel perfect for evening parties and instantly lighten a dark space. Shakesperian Themed Dinner


Many factors determine the entertainment chosen. A DJ is often the most popular choice for parties over the more costly option of a band. However for those music lovers there are many ways to source musicians at a reasonable price including approaching buskers. With a little creative thinking anything is possible. Something else to consider is whether or not it is an adult only party. If children will be in attendance it might be an idea to organise entertainment for them in a separate room which will not only keep them amused but give the parents a break.   A magician could provide the perfect entertainment for guests if there is any waiting around or a cartoonist could be hired to draw guests – a quirky way to document the party! Performers on a stage

Photographer and gifts for guests

Event photography is an important way to capture special moments- do plenty of research so it is an investment worth making. When planning a party, it is also important to consider if you wish the guests to receive gifts. Whether placed on the tables or given in party bags at the end, they are often a great momentum.

Seating plan

If having a sit down dinner, a seating plan is essential to the parties’ success. It is important to arrange the tables so that the right mix of guests are seated together. This can often be a dilemma at parties but with a little careful planning, problem solved! Of course by hiring The Events Mill all of the above, and more, will be taken care of for you. We offer a full 360 degree planning service, award-winning design and creative consultancy. Get in touch on 0207 207 7698 or email info@ Written by Sarah Guthrie, for and on behalf of The Events Mill

Image credits: John Nassari | Huffington Post | Alison Price & Co.


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