Top 10 Party Themes

Throwing a party is no easy job, and that’s why us party planners are there to assist you with every step of the planning process. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, an engagement party or an anniversary – something traditional perhaps, or an entirely new and bold design – it can often be an overwhelming task to get all of your ducks in a row. But fear not! We are here to help.

There are standard elements of planning a party that need to be taken care of. These things include finding the ideal venue, deciding on how many guests and the type of hospitality you’d like to serve. You may or may not have an idea of the specifics, but these standard elements will form the basis for any successful party. But, we feel it is crucial to ensure all details of the party, from the food to the floral design are consistent a perfectly placed. Which brings us onto the way that we work when we are considering different themes for a client’s party.

The Events Mill is known for creating fully immersive experiences, however it is important for us that our client’s understand that term doesn’t only apply to theatrical style parties. When we theme a party it is important that the atmosphere, decor and design elements are authentic, carefully considered and original. We like our guests to enter into a world of innovation, at all times turning corners and discovering layer upon layer of exciting entertainment. It is our mission to ensure that each party feels like you’ve been transported into another world, or a decade long past, or even as a glimpse into the future. Here are our Top 10 party themes that are guaranteed to wow your guests.

No. 10 – Casino

A casino that defies tradition, with twists and turns, tricks of the trade and everything in between. Using a range of design materials including neon and bold typography, shimmering gold and stylish martini glasses, this casino would truly evoke the vibrancy and style of Las Vegas. Utilise typical casino related props to bring a unique edge to the party, perhaps building dessert stations out of playing cards or introducing sensory fruit machines to dispense drinks.

Casino Party Moodboard

No. 9 – Autumnal Bliss

For those seeking decadence, warming textures and colourful decor, our autumn bliss mood board is guaranteed to inspire. The use of orange can be a bold move, however using this as a base tone and softening the palette with other warming tones, such as bronze, gold and chrome, can be a fantastic way of creating intimacy and a sense of occasion. Use stylish furnishings to add textural variance and simple glassware topped with bright and colourful food.


No. 8 – Alice in Wonderland

This ever popular theme has seen continuous development over the years, but still remains a hit with client’s looking to add some magic to their party. We adore this story and it will always remain at the heart of our innovation and curious ways of thinking. With the huge development in prosthetic art it is possible to create authentic costume, which effortlessly enhances the use of props, paper design and scents. Go crazy with this theme – the more out there the better.


No.7 – Country House & Garden

With an array of flowers blooming in the summer season it is quite easy to create a whimsical design. Use a variety of sized flower pots, painted in pastel colours, topped with tall-stemmed flowers to create interesting perspectives. Don’t be afraid to add traditional props, such as wicker baskets and cushions, especially in the venue needs to be softened.

Garden Party Mood Board

No. 6 – Regal Rococo

This decorative period of art history lives on through the use of gold trim, exotic patterns and bright colours, seamlessly fused together to create a stylish array of east meets west. Use statement pieces, supported by more neutral tones, and mirror to create depth in your design. Rococo was and will always be stylish and sophisticated.

Rococco Styled Mood Board

No. 5 – Journey To Atlantis

To create an authentic version of Atlantis would be a wonderful challenge, however there is a wonderful variety of products available to offer a great alternative. Again the use of constum and prosthetic art would be a wonderful way of enhancing the experience, but set against bold set design, columns and object d’art which is guaranteed to transport you to the bottom of the ocean.

Atlantis Themed Party

No. 4 – Black & White

Will this theme ever go out of style? No! It is chic, sophisticated and allows for stylistic substance. Be careful not to be too obvious with your choice of furnishings and opt for unique furniture, blending a variety of styles together. Lighting design will be crucial here to create an authentic ambience.

Black And White Themed Party

No. 3 – Masquerade

One of our all time favourites! Masquerade balls still remain a popular choice for larger parties and social occasions. Taking inspiration from the world famous Venetian masquerade, we would always encourage you to think big, beautiful and bold. Include a variety of different styled masks, opulent fabrics and live entertainment to set the scene. Fallen chandeliers are also a great set and statement piece.

Masquerade Ball Party Inspiration

Smashed Chandelier Image by Hilary Schwartz

No. 2 – Gatsby

Art Deco, or Gatsby themed parties were so popular throughout 2012 and 2013, and there has been a slight reduction in requests for this theme, however for us Art Deco will always form part of our offering. We love the use of bespoke vinyl to create interesting silhouettes and characters from the past. Enhancing this design with beautiful flowers and simple furniture will be a wonderful design for any Gatsby party.

Gatsby Themed Party

No. 1 – Colour Pops

The theme that gets our number 1 spot is colour popping – the idea that every guests uses a certain colour and everyone shares a love for that colour. This theme can be taken in many different directions and has a certain popularity due to how vibrant and fun the occasions can be. For those that love colour, this is a guaranteed hit.


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