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Most Sicilians consider themselves, and their island, a separate entity. Coming from the Italian mainland, it’s very noticeable that Sicily has its own cultural identity, and feels very Mediterranean in contrast. At the very foot of tip of the island can be found a property that is so well placed to guarantee a heightened experience for any luxury client. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is a spectacular example of a beautiful hotel in a hideaway location that has some of the most incredible views of Mount Etna and the coastal regions beyond. This glorious property has a certain draw, enticing many guests to stay for prolonged periods of time and to frequent the hotel time and time again. A hotspot for sunshine, beautiful landscapes and culture that is rich in colour, Sicily is the ultimate luxury party destination and Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is the place to stay.

A Sicilian Masterpiece

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo was the first hotel to built in the city of Taormina, Sicily and boasts a truly remarkable history spanning a century.

The hotel itself is perfectly positioned to offer the most incredible panoramic coastal views from the island, outwardly gazing towards one of Europe’s active volcanoes.

This natural wonder of the world is a spectacular vision, especially when viewed from such a luxurious setting that Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo offers.

Cultural, Breathtaking Beauty

Taormina, located high Monte Tauro, with the majestic Mount Etna as a striking backdrop, looks down on two beautiful bays and is quite possibly Sicily’s best-known resort. It is truly one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Closely associated with masters of literature, such as D. H. Lawrence, this charming destination can easily capture your heart and has a reputation where its guests often extend their vacation for long periods of time. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is the most sensational hotel on the island, overlooking the ocean and across to the famous volcano; a place to relax and absorb the beautiful scenery and to fully immerse yourself in the sublime, sensory experience that the island has to offer. Taormina is quaint and charming with lengths of traffic-free streets that date back to the fifteenth century. One of the most popular activities to do in Taormina is to wonder through the town, admire the flower-filled balconies and stroll through the town’s palazzi.


There is a strong tie to Greek and Roman history felt throughout Taormina, Sicily and highlights can still be viewed, including a Greek theatre and Roman Odeon amongst historic remains felt in the streets themselves.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is a luxurious property and a treasured escape from the bustling tourist city centre, offering its guests a haven of tranquility surrounded by manicured gardens and the most beautiful views you can only imagine.

The Italian Dolce Vita meets simplistic Mediterranean, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo offers the ultimate stay for those with an appreciation for culture, good food and beautiful views.

This is the ultimate Italian escape offering guests a romantic and truly unique experience that echoes the beauty of the destination itself.

This hotel should be at the very top of your hit list of the most beautiful properties in the world.

Once you visit Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo you will never want to leave. With facilities accommodating up to 250 guests this stunning hotel is the ideal retreat for unique celebrations and for those who wish to celebrate their marriage beneath the Sicilian s

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“We had a wonderful experience working with Christopher at the Events Mill on the Barbican Ball. He came up with a fantastic creative response to the Ball’s theme of The Vulgar and ensured that it followed through into all the areas. His attention to detail was extraordinary including a completely different themed design for each dinner table and he was a delight to work with. He ensured that a wonderful sense of humour ran through the décor which really helped to create the amazing atmosphere at the party. He was also fantastic at working within a tight budget and came up with really creative solutions to make it look great at low cost. We can’t wait to have an opportunity to collaborate with him again.”

Caroline Villamizar Duque, Founder CEO - Quintessentially Events

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