Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

At the entrance to Machu Picchu can be found a haven of tranquillity, serenity and calm – Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. This beautiful hotel is the perfect destination for those in search of the Lost City and Inca Empire who also appreciate luxury and a place of calm from the busy citadel crowds. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is a place to reflect, rejuvenate and unwind, situated amongst the natural beauty of one of the ancient wonders of the world. You simply cannot visit Peru and not trek to Machu Picchu and at the same time not stay in this beautiful, luxury, boutique hotel.

A Peruvian Paradise

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is a celebration of everything Peruvian and a wonderful reflection of Cusco and its natural habitat.

The hotel itself is boutique and exclusive with unrivalled access to the historic citadel before the rush of trekking tourists. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is the ideal place to escape and relax after a days exploration and the perfect hideaway for any luxury adventure enthusiast.

Visit one of the Ancient Wonders of the World

Well apart from the proximity to the extraordinary ancient wonder of the world? Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is a whole world of spectaculars and should be at the very top of your hit list of beautiful hotels to visit in the world.

This is a hotel that needs to be experienced and appreciated for its unique place and access to one of the most breathtakingly stunning places on the planet. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is literally a sanctuary for those that appreciate natural beauty and all things effortless in luxury.

A Place of Ancient Discoveries

Cusco is known to the Incas as the “navel of the world”, built on the remains of Inca temples and palaces of a bygone era.

This colourful, beautifully rich and diverse landscape is one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations still boasting a thriving Andean culture. This is a place of discoveries and a destination that will change your life, being the home to the historic and celebrated Inca dynasty and architecture that is awe inspiring.

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is available for visitors that appreciate a touch of luxury and relaxation after trekking to Machu Picchu, one of the main highlights of this part of the world.

Exclusive access to the luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham train.

Effortless access to Machu Picchu with a personal guide.

Visually stunning landscapes with mesmerising mountain views.

A celebration of Peruvian culture.

Quiet, relaxing and rejuvenating Yoga retreats

Intimate Party Destination

An event at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is as unique as you could possibly imagine, not only for the unrivalled access to one of the most breath-taking naturally stunning destinations on earth, but also as a place to celebrate traditions, to appreciate all things beautiful and join together in a setting that is unbelievably romantic. This enchanting place is surrounded by Inca mythology and draped in lush wilderness set against jaw-dropping views across the mountains of the Andes. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is the picture-perfect destination and the ultimate luxury party destination in Peru, proudly accommodating its guests in comfort, tranquillity and effortless splendour.

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