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Whilst we may not be the obvious choice Arabic wedding planner, we guarantee that our product will offer you an alternative from the norm. If you are seeking true luxury and appreciate quality, then our design and planning service is right for you. We can bring your vision to life and plan a celebration that is extraordinary in every way. As luxury Arabic wedding planners, we respect the traditions of marriage and love to work with couples who really want to celebrate in style.

The Events Mill has been commended for its ability to work with discretion and privacy, with a deep respect for traditions. We have had the privilege of producing events in the middle east, at some of the most exclusive party venues imaginable. We can help with intimate celebrations and equally produce grandiose showstopper weddings in any location throughout the world. Our team have produced for Saudi, Qatari and Lebanese clients both here in the UK and abroad. We love the planning process and can assist with the various events leading up to the wedding. We will relieve you of the stresses of planning your wedding so that you can enjoy the celebration with family and friends, knowing every single detail is being managed for you.

A wedding planned by The Events Mill is a beautiful affair that will mark the start of your journey together in marriage. We cannot wait to work with you.

As a cultural wedding planner, we are aware of the pillars of faith in Hindu, Sikh, Jains and Buddhist ceremonies. We have had the pleasure of working with Punjabi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Tamil and Bengali clients, amongst others.

We appreciate the subtle differences between Hindu weddings and Sikh weddings. We have produced for both religious preferences, as well as inter-faith celebrations and for other beliefs. We respect the cultural significance and nuances found at each unique wedding and never compromise on producing beautiful and original design. Our service is luxury, different and of supreme quality.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Christopher and his team, a supremely creative individual who also works extremely hard to deliver his wondrous visions, no impulse is left uncovered, no corner is left unloved, he has a unique ability to design such a vast range of things, from tiny points of detail to sweeping grand gestures, and all with such delight of sense and colour. What a joyful journey to go on!”

Anabel Fielding, CEO at Alite Global

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