LGBTQI+ Weddings

We celebrate love and people in love. Our wedding design and planning services are available for any couple looking for something extra special for their big day. We have the ability to create showstopping extravaganzas or intimate gatherings, theatrical or traditional, multi-layered or simple, but elegant affairs. The Events Mill is all about that moment when you walk into the room and your mouth falls to the floor thinking “how did they do it?”. 

You and your partner can trust us to design and plan every single moment as you get on with life, or to involve you entirely in the concepting and delivery, should you want a more hands-on approach. We can advise on location, services, attire and budget and act as confidant, friend, voice of reason and decision maker. 

Simply put, we celebrate love in the best way possible. By celebrating you as a couple and highlighting everything you hold dear, your passions and by bringing your own, unique story to life, bundled up into a life-changing experience that you and your guests will never forget.