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We are known for producing show-stopping spectaculars. As wedding designers, it’s important for us to offer you a visionary edge and to surpass your expectations; we want the very best for your wedding. Our team of luxury wedding planners are obsessed with details and have a passion for beautiful design, all under the guidance of Christopher Mills, a multi-award-winning designer. Our work has been described as visionary, fun and original, highly curious and “the greatest show I’ve ever been to”. 

We can help you if you are considering getting married abroad. We can help you if you are planning a religious wedding. Indeed, we can help you if you are planning something that doesn’t follow convention. For Jewish weddings, to luxury Asian weddings and for civil ceremonies to blessings. In short, there is very little we can’t help you with and we pride ourselves on having a fully robust service packed full of experience, contacts and, most crucially, imagination. 

Our Wedding Design Services

Wedding design is entirely personal, which makes it incredibly important. No wedding at The Events Mill is the same as we make it our mission to ensure we are producing something original, imaginative and all about you. We want your design to be a manifestation of your dreams and to help you produce whatever is in your mind. Rest assured that we will offer you our own creative input and can develop a fully concepted design should you wish to leave it to us. One thing we can promise, though, is that your finished design will be entirely bespoke to you and something no one has seen before. We are dedicated to producing experiences which you will remember forever, no detail left unexplored and packed full of entertainment and energy.

Creative Wedding Themes

Whilst we love developing new themes, we appreciate that for some of our clients it is useful to reference classic themes as a starting point for further discussion. Our wedding design process starts on a blank piece of paper and is developed much like a story. 

Together we will establish the foundations, details and set design, the décor, flourishes and visual identity for your wedding. 

And we love a challenge, so don’t worry if your ideas seem too “out there”; we love designing traditional and super creative, alike. 

Wedding Planners
Wedding Planners

Here are some themes to inspire you. 

The Roaring 20s Art Deco
Disney Fairy Tale
Studio 54
Alice in Wonderland
In Space
In Time Tunnel
Monochrome Black n White

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