Are old school traditions a thing of the past or do we love to call upon tried and tested methods to warrant the best results? One of the most traditional of traditions is the way that one half of a couple proposes marriage and a lifetime of happiness to their future spouse, down on one knee, heart beating and with a lump in the throat in anticipation of the much wanted “yes! Of course I’ll marry you”. We’ve witnessed a fair few proposals in our time and without foul they always bring a tear to the eye.

Tradition doesn’t mean old fashioned, stuffy or regimented. As emotional beings we are lead by familiarity, tradition and nostalgia, always craving our turn in the big wheel of life – it is rarely about doing what is expected of you because you don’t know any different – but proposing marriage is stressful enough without worrying whether you are breaking the rules our not. The blessed thing about proposing is that it can (and should be) entirely personal to you and your partner, whether you decide to do something well known or off the cuff.

Romance is crucial. Everyone strives to capture that spark and natural moment where it feels right. Anticipation for a proposal should feel natural and at a moment where this spark can flow throughout your emotions. We can’t really help with pushing you to get down on one knee (you may of course decide to propose whilst you are bungee jumper or on a rollercoaster) but what we can do is help you consider unique ways to create an ambience, or to choose the perfect destination to ease those nerves and to help set the scene. Here are some of our favourites ideas that we feel will help

Belmond Cipriani Hotel

Views from the balcony of Cipriani

Is there a more romantic place than Venice? Stay at the glorious Belmond Cipriani Hotel and treat your loved one to the epitome of luxury as you relax, dine and bask in the glory of this premium hotel. There are plenty of discreet places within the grounds to propose marriage, including their beautiful landscaped gardens, or perhaps charter a private boat and pop the question whilst bobbing along on the lagoon. Top choice for any romantic.

The Cipriani Hotel and Venice at sunset

Gardens of Alhambra

Wondering through the Gardens of the Alhambra Palace Granada is both a visual and an olfactory delight. This destination is reaped in history and is truly breathtaking to behold. Our words cannot do it justice really, but the gardens here at some of the most romantically appraised and are a guaranteed win for any blushing bride to be.

Gardens of Alhambra Palace

Northern Lights

Spend the night under the stars at witness one of the natural wonders of the world, sip champagne and snuggle up next to some friendly huskies. As the lights flash before your very eyes, your heart will start to race and you won’t know whether it is nerves for the big question or nature taking your breath away.

The Northern Lights glowing

London Library

Get swept away amongst the old romantics and authors of love and hide the engagement ring within the pages of a Keats folio. The London Library is one of London’s hidden gems and has a charm that is worthy of its reputation. It is like no other venue in London and can also be hired for intimate parties and small events!

Inside the London Library


For the more active couple Snowdonia is the place to visit if you are craving a challenge as well as stunning rewarding views. Support each other as you climb Mount Snowdon and reach the dazzling heights of the summit whilst overlooking the most picturesque scenery in Wales. Be careful not to spend too much time up there though as the sun sets very quickly and it is a long trek down – but at least you’ll be brimming with happiness to show off your new dazzling ring to passersby.

Views of Snowdonia national park

High Line NYC

Step into the movies, old classics and land of imagination as you scale the streets of New York City’s highly loved High Line. You may be surrounded by other tourists, but this abandoned metro platform has fast become one of the many highlights for those visiting the Big Apple. You can truly take in the various districts of Manhattan whilst retaining a sense of escape. A must see and a perfect choice for any proposal.

Grafiti on the NYC Highline

The Courtauld Gallery

Perhaps considered one of the world’s most intimate spaces for art, The Courtauld Gallery is home to some of our most cherished pieces of art. Known for its collection of the finest impressionist masterpieces, The Courtauld Gallery is an utter dream of a gallery. The interiors are equally breathtaking and the outside views of the dancing fountains of Somerset House are a delight for any visitor. A top choice for the artistic couple.

Manet Painting and blue staircase

Reid’s Palace, Madeira

For those of you who have yet to visit the glorious island of Madeira, we insist you go immediately and enjoy a stay at Reid’s Palace. This venue has an old charm about it, an elegance that cannot be found anywhere else on the island and a history that will make you gasp. The views of the Atlantic are truly spectacular and the surrounding mountains and unique landscape make Madeira one of the most diverse islands in Europe.

Balcony at Reid's Palace Madeira

Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona 

If you are brave enough to ride the cable car above the dazzling heights of Barcelona you will discover the very heart of the city – Montjuïc Castle. Set amongst extraordinary gardens the castle overlooks Barcelona offering 360 panoramic views. The flat top at the very heart of the building is simple but has a magical charm that is supported by the most glorious visual views. This would truly be one of the most unique and romantic places to propose, especially as the sun sets over this famous Catalan haven.

Gardens of Barcelona Castle

Tours, Loire Valley France

If you are interested in history then right at the heart of the Loire Valley is a place called Tours. It is off the beaten track however it is a place that has so much to offer. As well as many modern day opportunities, Tours has a medieval history that can only be truly appreciated after visiting. The old town is packed full of historic significance as well as playing host to some of the areas most sought after eateries and homegrown examples of classic French cuisine. You are sure to be swept away with Tours and its many nooks and crannies.

Views of Tours, Loire Valley