We specialise in creating fully immersive, authentically beautiful showcases anywhere in the world. 

Our immersive design transports you to an alternative world full of emotion and imagination, entirely multi-sensory and full of compelling twists and turns which bring you deeper into a story. We take you on a journey of discoveries; of sensory experimentation where you see, hear, touch, smell and taste you way around a fully realised dreamworld.  We do this by offering our clients the chance to do something entirely original, and being there to guide, inspire and excite. 

So what’s involved when producing an immersive world?

Spatial Expertise

Choosing the perfect venue takes time and careful consideration. We have a full collection of venues and spaces which are ideal for immersive work. 


Whether you would like to bring a cherish story to life, or need help with something entirely new, our storytellers are on hand to inspire you. 

Engage The Senses

To reach true levels of immersion, it is importing to invoke the senses. Any immersive world needs to have sensory touch points to create authenticity and believability. You want your guests to literally feel like they’ve stepped into an alternative world. 


A lot goes on behind the scenes to help bring that original edge. We know what technology works well and we are designers and makers, which means you’ll have epic set design as well as all the technology which will add to the overall experience. 


It has to be all about you. We weave your personality through the experience, which should be a celebration of all things you love. 


No immersive world is complete without a cast of extraordinary performers. Whether you have chosen roaming entertainers, or a full dance troop, we will guide you by ensuring you have access to the very best and most professional talent around. 

We offer many types of experience design depending on how immersive you would like the party to be. As each party is so unique, the below should be seen as a guide only, and all budgets would be tailored according to the specifics of the party, location, guest number and services required. Please guide us so that we can suggest an appropriate response based on your budget. 

A fully theatrical, guest participation party adventure, multi-food experience, exceptional wine and beverage pairings, transportation into a new world for one night only. The ULTIMATE party experience.

Budget from £500,000 + VAT

Fully submersive design, and highest levels of multi-sensory upgrades and compelling entertainment. Literally stepping into an original theme entirely created for you.

Budget between £250,000 – £500,000 + VAT

Classic theme design, food experiences and beverage pairing with themed interior design, props and exciting entertainment. Budget between

£125,000 – £250,000 + VAT

The typical party experience with food and beverage, live entertainment and beautiful, atmospheric decor and floral design.

Budget between £75,000 – £125,000 + VAT

Cocktails and canapés, floral table design with elegant entertainment.

Budget from £50,000 + VAT