About Us

We are The Events Mill; a team comprised of compassionate people. We could have picked our 20 year’s worth of experience or fastidious attention to detail but no, it is the attribute of compassion that we most pride ourselves on. Why? Because as designers, we feel it’s important for us to inherit our clients’ emotion that conceived of the idea to host an experience in the first place. Everything else follows.

We believe design should be curious, intelligent as well as beautiful and sophisticated. We strive for excellence across all areas of our work. The Events Mill is all about that rare blend of imagination and belief coupled with an ambition to promote the value of truly bespoke experiences. In essence, we are a cabinet of curiosities; you’ll never know what you’ll find until you take a look inside.

Whatever the occasion—a wedding, 50th birthday party, festive celebration, product launch, charity gala, corporate party—our methodology is the same, which means that every experience we produce is uniquely different. With our work we like to tell stories, so we’ll always begin our process by digging deep into your brief and exploring who you are; the story that is you so far to entice out fundamental qualities.

"A literal disruptor of the accepted...there seems
to be no limit to what Christopher can conjure up"
Relentless Magazine

Christopher Mills Party Planner

Having starred in the BBC Three Series Big Proud Party Agency, featured on ITV’s This Morning, written articles for The Financial Times, Country and Town House, Metro, Interior Designer Magazine and many other leading publications, Christopher Mills is well regarded as amongst the pinnacle of immersive experience design. Their novelty of thought, visual articulacy and whole-hearted investment to which they give every project means that quite often, with Christopher, a long-standing relationship can result from one initial consultation.

Immersive Design

As an immersive design agency, our speciality lies in creating extraordinary immersive experiences; we like to envelop guests in our design; saturate them in our concept so as to tell a story as convincingly as possible. For us, it’s all about the journey that guests are taken on. We feel zealously passionate about what we do here at The Events Mill because we know that above any material product, it is the transitory moment which has been crystallised in the form of a live experience that is most precious. We feel it’s our responsibility, an offering in this industry, to tear guests away from the ordinary and remind them of life and the vast wealth of the imaginary.

What is immersive design? Immersive design means to us that a space is not merely ‘themed’; rather that a world is authentically created. It’s more of a holistic approach which in turn preserves the fourth wall. In order to accomplish this, we utilise an array of tools such as entertainment, floral, lighting, food, set design, props, costume and soundscapes; components that play on every single sense. At any of our experiences we encourage you to leave your persona at the door and prepare to be changed, for the worlds we create are dreamworlds that make you stop, think and feel. It’s this magic that we constantly strive for and what drives us to succeed time and time again.