No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

Oscar Wilde

Makeup and wardrobe we love is the hot topic for today, with the added bonus of us exploring extraordinary hair too. So let's get cracking and discuss these art forms!

The thing we love about art is that it knows no boundaries and is nonjudgmental. It exists to enrich our knowledge and understanding of perception, giving way to individual appreciation and taste. After all, what may be beautiful to one may be ugly to another; it is an exciting concept. One thing we hope we all share is the appreciation of art and its creation of origin.

Some art is permanent and other types are more temporary in nature. As event professionals we are experienced in creating one-off experiences that may last a day or more, but ultimately we know that our guests have to go home at some point. We rely on photography and video to savour those moments for our artistic achievements though and these time capsules remain as a glance back in time, but sometimes we do wish that there would be a physical reminder of the event which lasts.

One canvas that is even more temporary is the body itself, which is continuously changing from one moment to the next. We are all living examples of art that contribute to a greater population of diversity, with the added benefit of our own angels of beauty that exist to pamper, protect and care for our physical wellbeing. Hairdressers, makeup artists and fashion designers are life’s creature comforts that help improve our lives through the application of their own artistic talents. Today we celebrate these wonderfully creative geniuses by displaying some truly original and fiercely creative and cultural expressions. These are the things we love. 

Creative Hair:

Being able to express oneself through makeup is one of life's greatest joys. There are so many creative techniques to explore and tools available that it is impossible not to find inspiration. From theatrical expressions to simple flourishes, here are some of our favourites.

Creative Makeup:

When it comes to wardrobe the choices are endless and we could choose thousands of examples throughout history. Here are some iconic looks that make us smile from eleganza to classic cuts and more bold statements that literally make your eyes pop out of your head.

Creative Wardrobe:

Of course, being immersive design specialists, The Events Mill incorporates all three disciplines into our work. We have all departments - hair, makeup and wardrobe - within our production departments and our technicians continuously create looks for our team of talented performers. Our production design extends to full prosthetic sculpting and makeup as well as wig creation and costumier design. We work with the very best artists in the industry and we have an award-winning studio based in London but we work worldwide.

Makeup and Wardrobe We Love
Photography: ©JohnNassari | ©CivilisedMess | ©TheEventsMill

If you are considering planning an immersive experience and have a theme idea and need some help in executing your plans then we can help. You can find our more about our creative process here and discover more about our immersive experiences here. We can guide you through the whole process in a creative consultancy by calling 0203 723 0195 or feel free to email us at

Image credits:

Balmain – Riders on the Storm | Creative Hair for New Look | Dade Freeman | Avant Garde Hair | Hair with Print | Hair with Oranges | Woven Hair | Shades of Ethiopia | Makeup by Sona | Army Man with Makeup | Green Turban | High Fashion Makeup | Boy George | Makeup By Alex Box | Rami Kadi Dress | Christophe Josse Dress | Paper Dress | Beth Ditto Clothing | Grace Jones | David Bowie

Curious about what goes into an immersive experience design? Discover more here. 

What do we mean when we discuss east meets west design fusion? There is something so romantic about the mixture of cultures, traditions, styles and customs that give birth to wonderful design opportunities. One philosophy dubbed ‘East Meets West’ we’ve been asked to produce many times (in many different ways) is the idea of bringing together eastern and western design, marking the moment two cultures come together in harmony, a juxtaposition one might feel entirely incongruous at first, but one which works so beautifully when seen together in reality.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Photography via:

Today we are going to focus on a design style which beautifully celebrates the coming together of eastern culture meeting west – chinoiserie. Chinoiserie - a decorative style in Western art, furniture, and architecture, characterised by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques.

First appearing in the 17th century, chinoiserie is a European interpretation or imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions that is especially associated with decorative arts, theatre and performance. This period of design history is famous for its rebellion against Renaissance illusionism, moving towards more authentic, asymmetric decorations, sparking the east meets west design fusion.

Here was an opportunity for a new trend towards freedom in expression, both whimsical and hedonistic, sparking much debate and divided opinion. A bridge between two decorative styles and a substantial link between the east and west cultures, thus creating a new east meets west design philosophy.

east meets west design fusion
Photography: ©PieterEstersohn via

Fortunately this decorative period has sustained popularity ensuring that there is a wide range of wonderful items available in the market to choose from when creating interior design and when producing luxury wedding design or party planning. Indeed there are plenty of opportunities to choose the perfect pieces to complement a wedding with an east meets west design fusion theme.

Chinoiserie can be seen as in influence in many housewares and home interiors throughout Europe and North America - it is still as popular in modern day interior design and stately homes. With an abundance of colourful decorative pieces, scenes depicting Chinese landscapes and ornate gold finishes, these designs ooze simple elegance and sophistication. If you still wish to keep a fresh appearance to your wedding or party design then adding small amounts of French Porcelain, such as the famous Medici Porcelain, can really enhance the overall feel of the room, whilst not overwhelming the design.

Medici Porcelain Gourd
By World Imaging - Own work, photographed at Le Louvre, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Incorporate a chinoiserie east meets west design fusion for your wedding or luxury party by doing the following:

Introduce a screen printed drape system but incorporate a strong Chinoiserie east meets west design aesthetic to frame the room. This would be a bold statement and exquisite backdrop.

Peacock Wallpaper degournay
'St Laurent' in standard design colours on Edo Turquoise painted Xuan paper. Photography by Miguel Flores Vianna. https://degournay

Add subtle French porcelain to your dining tables for an immediate east meets west design detail. These sophisticated vases are elegant, chic and utterly beautiful.

French Porcelain
Photography: via Pinterest

Introduce nature and subtle floral across the room and within the set design. We would recommend the use of cherry blossom and other soft pinks, golds and pastel shades. Think a mix of traditional with a contemporary lift.

Contemporary Hallway with Pink Suspended Lamp
Photography: via Pinterest

If you are hosting a drinks reception out on the lawn, create decorative pagodas that can be used as bars or food service areas bringing a beautiful east meets west design fusion. Or perhaps use a pagoda design as a central feature in your drape system to bring the whole Chinoiserie design to life, as seen below.

Photography: via

Take all of these elements, place them perfectly together, add a little design magic by the design team at The Events Mill, and you could have the luxury wedding or party design of your dreams. This is what bringing all of the above together could look like:


If you would like to find out more about our wedding design services click here. If you're planning a party and need some design inspiration and would like to chat through your plans then you can get in touch by email at or by calling 02037230195

“It was a joy working with Christopher on the delivery of War Child UK’s Winter Wassail fundraising events in London from 2015-2018. He did a wonderful job collaborating with us and our global ambassadors Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan to bring their vision to life in a creative and multi-sensory way. He was a big part of making this such a unique and special event. Thank you, Christopher.”

Liana Mellotte, Director, Global Partnerships, AEG

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