The Man with The Child in His Eyes

The Man with the Child in His Eyes. With Kate Bush’s recent regain in popularity it seems only appropriate for us to base this month’s journal post on one of our favourites from her career.

The beautiful, poignant line speaks to us on many levels and actually reminds us of why, here at The Events Mill, through the intensity and labour, we love what we do and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Entertainer Summer Party
Photography: @rioblake

We had the recent pleasure of working with a splendid couple in being able to realise their dream of hosting a three-day party for friends and family to commemorate their marriage, all set amongst a stunning, quintessentially-English backdrop.

Summer Party Planner
Photography: ©JamesStack

From our point of view, this event was particularly wonderful purely because of the wide range in guest ages; those invited included toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Whilst this can present challenges, we saw it as a great opportunity for us to carefully design and curate a programme of experiences intended on bringing all together, yet one that would maintain the kind of sophistication and elegance synonymous with an Events Mill party. Think for example a quasi-Victorian carnival complete with entertainers, an Ernest Hemingway inspired lounge and bar, as well as a fantastical, chandelier-lit ‘bringing the inside out’ dinner under the stars. 

Whisky Lounge Set
Photography: ©JamesStack

Fundamentally, at a party such as this, we want to incite fun in everybody and it offers us one of the greatest rewards bearing witness to the inherent child being brought out in adults. Upon starting any new project, we are at the same time readily accepting this duty; of drawing our hard-working professionals out of what could be stress or mundanity of their jobs, out of societal conventions and into a world of pure imagination where every potential concern is relieved. 

We understand however, getting this child within the eye to flicker isn’t always the easiest thing to pull off. We’ve all found ourselves in a similar scenario whereby an entertainer will outstretch their hand to entice us up into doing something only to reluctantly decline. This is why we see it somewhat of an art; to avoid the contrived and incorporate such elements more subtly.

Tips on Bringing the Inner Child Out

Of course, alcohol helps! Cocktails certainly play an important role in getting things going. But there are other tools and techniques, we like to believe are a little more complex which can be employed. It’s necessary to ensure that guests feel a sense of safety within the given environment, this is why The Events Mill prides itself on the professionalism with which our services are conducted.

Summer Cocktails
Photography: ©JamesStack
Bespoke Food Station
Photography: ©JamesStack

Slightly less obvious is the very role of a ‘set’. A set by nature delineates a boundary separating the immersive world which is to be discovered inside, and anything one wishes to leave behind, out. A set also provides a context, so for instance one would be more willing to accept the offer of having their face painted within a whimsical place of hobbit houses and acrobats. It follows that the more immersive the set, the easier it is for a guest to embrace being there.

Another factor which ought to be considered is the balance of ‘adultness’. Whether it be daytime activities (adventure races, go-karting, outdoor games) or on a much minor scale; something such as a saturated colour palette — these offer a good opportunity to subsequently counter-balance by creating an experience or detail which is more sophisticated. Refinement, though, doesn’t necessarily have to mean dispensing with all fantasy; just that it should be tuned differently.

Luxury Dinner in the woods
Photography: ©JamesStack

This leads us on to our final point; that of the sensual within parties. It goes without saying that the degree of this should be tailored to every respective client’s taste but the sensual can be an effective way to bring more fun into an otherwise standard ball.

Luxury Party Planner
Photography: ©JamesStack

Babooshka, Babooshka there we have it; some insight into how we at The Events Mill approach planning a party that must cater to a variety of guests and some tips on how to bring those inner children to the surface. Let’s all remember the importance of leisure time, particularly now that Summer has well and truly commenced.