Creative Corporate Event Themes


The brands we are lucky enough to work with all appreciate the need to be original when entertaining their guests. Creativity is key and has become a currency in its own right, positioning brands as leaders, telling interesting stories and showing new ways of doing things. As you can imagine this is music to our ears as we have always challenged the status quo and love to bring fresh perspectives to our design and event planning services.

When considering theming it is crucial to be authentic, because themed events tend to honour a time gone-by, stepping back and immersive oneself into a design concept that once was popular in history. There are tonnes of event themes that resurface time and time again, such as art deco Gatsby, masked balls or prohibition, each acting as a time capsule supported by a huge array of props that help make the design feel real. Nowadays, however, the need to be fully immersive and believable is crucial, and this type of design is an art form in itself. Moving from quite typical props to bespoke pieces of scenic construction means that you can offer an experience that turns the wheel of time back as if your guests have literally stepped into another world.

Here are some of our creative corporate event themes that will cause a stir at your next celebration:

The Classic Themes


Colourful, energetic and elegance personified. This classic theme is all about the spectacular spectacular, punctuated with vibrant costume, layers of fabrics and music that will get you up off your feet.

The Great Gatsby

An all-time favourite, celebrating the 1920s with all the sass, ritzy revelry and high-kicking dance that will take you back in time. Get drunk and dance on the table!

Collage of Great Gatsby Themed Party Elements


Are you brave enough to take a punt on a roulette table, or are you a master of keeping your cards close to your chest? Casino like you’ve never casinoed before, with sumptuous cocktails that will make James Bond weak at the knees.

Casino Themed Party

Studio 54

The all-time party hit, rubbing shoulders with the club kids of Manhattan, New York City. Show those jazz hands and be unapologetically camp by carving some theatrically inspired shapes on the dance floor.

Studio 54 Party

Black and White

Monochrome will always be a popular design choice, oozing elegance and simplicity, with bold colour partitions. The yingyang of all themes, black and white will never go out of event-theme fashion.

Black and White Party

The Theatrical Themes

Disney Magic

The ultimate story-tellers, bringing the imagination to life through Walt Disney’s eyes. A celebration of this powerhouse of creativity, from Snow White to Frozen, animation to parade.

Disney Themed Party

Alice in Wonderland

A cheeky spin on the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with all the curiosity you can imagine. A teapot filled to the brim with mind-boggling flavours and a party the white rabbit would definitely not be late for.

Alice in Wonderland Party


Fully immersive and an authentic trip to the sparkling world of Narnia. Become a Son of Adam or a Daughter of Eve as you explore this magical land, interacting with the famous custodians of the stories and meeting Aslan himself.

Narnia Party


A timeless, popular theme that celebrates the history of the funfair, games and sweet treats that can only be found in these creative playgrounds. With interactive games, carousels and coconut shires, old time glamour meets authentic gamification.

Funfair Themed Party

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination! As far as the eye can see, edible set design, olfactory sensory experiences and colourful dreams conjured up through the eyes of Willy Wonka. Are you lucky enough to have received a golden ticket?

WIlly Wonka Themed Party

The Immersive Themes


Bringing the outside in with scaled up visual design, marrying foliage with paper design, forest soundscapes and character performers adopting the personality of the jungle’s animal inhabitants. Exceptional terrain environment design, lighting and sound to transport your guests into the Amazon.

Jungle Themed Party


Spin around the planets and zoom throughout the milky way in this immersive solar system. From rock fuel cocktails to menu design themed on delights from planet earth itself, entertainment based on the moons of Jupiter and the Sunshine Café serving up the most delicious desserts, this is an experience that will make you feel truly on top of the world.

The Elements

Why not host a multi-sensory, gastronomic dining experience themed on the four elements that will really wow your guests? With integrated sensory experiences where each element is literally felt, your menu could be full of clever special effects that bring originality and a user-based experience that is entirely unexpected.

The Elements Themed Party

Under the Sea

A party King Triton would be happy to attend, and a celebration of all things Oceania.  With visual installations, live food stations serving up delights from the sea and shipwreck-cabin cocktail bars, this theme will make you wish you were a fish.

Under The Sea Theme

Time Tunnel

Which decade do you want to time travel back to? Are is there a favourite period of history that always sparked your curiosity? From the Tudors to the 1950s, Edwardian England to the 1980s time tunnel your way thought history.

Time Tunnel Theme

Understanding a theme and applying this to an interior is our specialism. The more creative the better. We like to become integrated into the history and provenance of the theme itself, choosing authentic props and set design which transports each guest into another world. It is the small details that really shines through and which ensures lasting memories for anyone who is lucky enough to attend the party.

If you’d like to discuss a theme or to just explore some ideas then we’d be delighted to talk to you. Just pop us a line to info@ or call 0203 723 0195.


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